Monday, December 26, 2011

Dress Up Games and New Years

2012 is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about New Years. This year, it’s important to look great, but it’s even more important to feel great, too. 2011 has been a tough year for a lot of people and with a big party coming for 2012, this is the best opportunity all month for some serious dress up games. You can start preparing for the big festivities early by settling down to play some dress up games online. Look for fancy dresses and adorable outfits that are suitable for the season.

Then, with some good ideas in mind, you can head out to the stores to see what is out there that you can take advantage of. If you already have a dark dress in mind, look for ones that are flattering as well as comfortable to wear. After all – this is an excellent opportunity for a bit of dancing as well as flirting and fun. Of course your dress up games aren’t complete until you’ve had a chance to put on some new sparkling make up and a bit of red lipstick as well. It’s New Years and everyone should appreciate your dress up games with a big kiss at the stroke of midnight! Be ready!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dress Up Games and Winter Break

Being home for the winter break means that you’ll have plenty of time to try new things and to really experience the magic of the holiday season. The winter months bring some great fashions – especially boots and funky sweaters, so this year play around with the items you receive on Christmas morning and enjoy some serious dress up games.

The dress up games most of us play are the same ones we’ve played for years. You have a few choices. You can head to the mall and throw on some of the clothing items there that are new for the season. Bring a friend along and you’ll have an even wilder time than you might imagine fighting the holiday mall traffic and finding just the right pair of jeans to last you all winter long. Of course, if you’re just looking for fun fashion without battling crowds and spending money, you can also enjoy the holiday fashion fun by playing dress up games online!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dress Up Games and Cold Weather

The first seriously cold day of winter is here, and this year it’s time to have some fun with winter dress up games. If you’re going to go out to play in the snow, shouldn’t you look good doing it? The styles this year are great for casual play, though. Fuzzy boots, tight snow pants and great furry jackets are a nice starting point for the holidays. Skinny jeans tuck into the boots and tunic sweaters hide all of the layers you need underneath to stay warm.

Wrap up in a warm jacket or sweater coat, plop an adorable hat on your head and you’re ready to go outside. The cold weather makes you feel more adventuresome, plus the naturally bulky layers make it easier to hide certain body flaws we might not be as interested in showing off in the summer months. Use those layers and those fully sweaters to your advantage while still staying sexy and staying very much in tune with your own version of the winter dress up games.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dress Up Games and Fat

It’s hard to play dress up games if you’re working to disguise a bit of extra fat or a bit of a lump here and there. Fortunately, women are designed to have a bit of extra meat on their bones and the smart fashion designer knows this and takes it into accommodation when she’s designing clothing for the real female body. If you’re trying to make a few extra pounds disappear in your clothing, start with some careful planning in both foundation garments and you primary clothing items.

The most flattering clothing should skim your body rather than clinging to every single curve of your body (both good and bad.) It can be fun to wear clingy clothing to show off curves you like, but at the same time, that top or those pants are showing off the curves you don’t like as much, too. Wear skimming dresses, pants and tops. Then give the clothing a few smooth curves to skim over. Foundation garments help to smooth your body under clothing without creating new lumps or bumps. Use the garments to make your dress up games even more exciting and flattering as well.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dress Up Games and Boots

Tall boots are one of the must-have accessories of the season. Every woman needs to own at least one pair of really good boots, and they should fit her like a glove. The best thing about having boots isn’t just that they feel so good on your feet, but that they are so stylish no matter what you pair them with. Put your boots with a mini skirt and you’re flirtatious and fun (if a bit chilly.) Of course, you can use some tights with the dres up games and you’ll be a bit warmer and just as adorable.

Boots make a beautiful accessory over skinny jeans or pants as well. Pair them up over any pants or if you’re not into tucking in, pair your boots with a great pencil skirt to really wow everyone with your winter executive wear. A beautiful winter outfit can be as simple as a black skirt, a pair of great black leather boots and a fitted sweater. Add some jewelry and you’re ready for anything from a business meeting to a bar. Boots protect your feet and keep you fashionable and warm, but beware the suede boots – they are hard to care for and they don’t travel well in winter weather at least.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dress Up Games for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great time of the year. You’re able to see your family who you might not see often during the year, and the holidays are even more fun to enjoy when you’re going to dress yourself up and play some serious dress up games. The dress up games are a great way to practice the different elements of your look without having to commit to it every day.

Your look can be done simply by getting a new haircut and then buying a great outfit that you love. Your new Thanksgiving outfit is a great way to enjoy dress up games and you should look for something that is flattering but fun at the same time. This is your chance to really show off how well you can dress up and since you’re going to be with an audience, you might as well put a really special outfit together ahead of time.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Dress Up Games and Creativity

The online dress up games are one of the best ways to exercise that big muscle in your head we call your brain. Believe it or not your brain is dying for exercise and by working out that muscle, you’re able to try new things much more effectively since you’re already primed for a bit of creative thought and experiences. Take for example a typical dress up game. You’ve given a basic doll base that looks a lot like a basic paper doll body online.

Then you’re given hundreds, perhaps even thousands of clothing items to choose from as you work to dress up the doll and find her new combinations of clothing and accessories. At the end of each round you’ve designed a doll that represents you or that is fun to play with. You can then print her out and make her a real paper doll, use the completed doll for a decoration for a book or story you’re writing or even use the doll as the basis for a new story you’ve been writing. The dress up games get the creative juices going and once you’re on your way to new ideas and designs, there’s just no stopping you! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dress Up Games and Sleep

It’s had to get excited about dress up games if you haven’t had enough sleep. Imagine waking up and not feeling tired. You would pop out of bed and find a great outfit to start your day. You wouldn’t mind putting on a few things and pulling them off again if they weren’t just the right look for your day. As you worked through your closet you’d only feel more energized and then, once you’ve arranged the final outfit for the day, you’d head off to school with a spring in your step and a feeling of success.

Of course, if you’re not getting eight to nine hours of sleep each day, you’re not going to enjoy finding the clothing nearly as much. You’re probably going to stumble into clothes are easy to pull on and not particularly brilliant. Who can be brilliant when she is exhausted, anyhow? Comfortable clothing is the name of the game and blending in as much as possible with what every else is wearing can’t hurt either. You’ll be able to stumble through your day, exhausted, without anyone getting in your way. Sure you can make it through your day without enough sleep, but your fashion and your dress up games will most certainly suffer for it.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dress Up Games and Sleep

It’s a funny thing, but over the summer I was able to plan all sorts of games to play with my closet and clothing. And then once the school eyar started, I lost all focus on it. I wasn’t going to get dressed up and I wasn’t going to try new, fun combinations of the clothing that I had. I reverted back to what works quickly and I didn’t care much if it was flattering or not – it fit, it was in the dress code and I wore it. It’s a sad statement from someone who used to try on everything in her closet to find just the right outfit for the next day.

I need some serious intervention in my dress up games. I think I’m lacking in sleep and motivation, because right now getting an extra ten minutes of sleep is so worth it, and I can’t do much thinking about what to wear or how to wear it if I’m trying to grab those last few winks of the night. I’m going to have to get serious about my clothing if I want to feel a bit better about myself. I also feel great when I’m dressed up, so maybe I’ll find the balancing point soon.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dress Up Games and Back to School!

Tomorrow marks my first day back at school, and as you can imagine, I’ve spent plenty of time trying to decide what I’m going to wear. I’m of the mindset that the clothing I choose to wear on the first day of school helps to set a precedent for the rest of the year. If I dress in sharp, trendy clothing, it will be hard to follow that up with some grungy items that set an entirely different tone. What I’d like best is to look through my closet and find only the clothing that really feels good one and seems to suit my personality.

If every outfit I had was a perfect one, I’d be able to get dressed every morning and know that I’m sending a message about my confidence and my personal sense of style. It’s tricky to define right now since I seem to be pulled in so many directions, but I’ll get there soon. In fact, I’m planning to get my wardrobe nicely sorted in the next few hours as I dig into my closet to play some serious dress up games with my personal style.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dress up Games and School Uniforms

Nobody likes the idea of a dress code, and those of us who are stuck in school uniforms deserve a bit of pity from the rest of us, but even when you’re wearing a school uniform, you can still enjoy some great dress up games. Dress up games might be simpler when you have a choice of which clothing to wear every morning, but even if you’re dressed in the same duds as everyone else, you can use your creativity to find ways to make the clothing special and fun to wear, at least.

Using dress up games, you can start with the basics. Would a few carefully selected items make the school uniform easier to wear? Why wear a skirt that doesn’t fit well when you can have it altered slightly to fit across your back more easily or even shorted to a more flattering length? You can have your blouses tailored and by adding simple accessories like the right shoes and hair accessories, your overall appearance can eb dramatically changed making the school uniform the perfect candidate for dress up games.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dress Up Games for Back to School

It’s almost time to head back to school, but before I walk into the building for the first time, I need to do a serious revamp of my wardrobe. There are so many clothing items in my closet I don’t wear or don’t even like anymore that it’s rather ridiculous. Fortunately, I have a bit of time and budget left this month to make it work. It looks like I’ll be playing some great dress up games to get ready for back to school!

Every year before I head back to school, I like to dig through my closet to find the favorites from the year before. Then I try everything on. After all, my summer diet isn’t as great as my school year one and things tend to fit me differently in the beginning of the year than they did last spring. In some cases, I have to put them on a shelf and take a week or two exercising and cutting some calories to make them fit correctly again. Once I have a good idea of what I already have in the closet, I’m out at the stores finding new outfits and enjoying my dress up games even more! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dress Up Games and Summer

The summer months are the best time of the year to really dig into your closet to play some dress up games. The games can be as simple as pulling everything out of you closet and trying it one, the same way you would if you were going to the mall and trying on clothing in the mall. The more clothing you try on, the better your own grasp of your style should be. Take breaks as needed so that you don’t get too bleary.

As you’re trying on the clothing, make a pile of things that don’t fit or that aren’t very attractive on your body. There are very different body types and not everything looks good on everyone. Find the clothing that really looks great on you and stick with that in your closet. Anything that doesn’t look great can go – after all, why would you want clothing that doesn’t fit correctly or that looks odd on? It’s far better to have a small wardrobe that looks great than one that is large and hard to even sort through because you hate everything in it.  

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dress Up Games and Summer

I go back and forth with myself about playing dress up games in the summer months. For one it’s often too hot to really be pulling clothes in and out of my closet, but at the same time, this is when I have the most time to actually work with my wardrobe to come up with a new look. During the summer months, I can play dress up games in my room all day long without any interruptions or complaints. It’s hard to find that much time during the school year with our many obligations.

Unfortunately, about the time you’re really getting into your dress up games, the heat catches up with you and you realize that you’d much rather just take a nap or go to the pool rather than work up a bit of perspiration by pulling on jeans and other clothes that tend to make you hot. If you do play dress up games during the summer, you can enjoy them in peace and quiet. Perhaps you should save the dress up games for the end of the summer months just before school starts again. Then you can use the dress up games as a great way to find new looks for the school year and to find holes in your wardrobe.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dress Up Games and Tan Lines

There are many great things about summer, but tan lines aren’t really one of them. If you’re looking at some great summer evenings out with friends in flimsy tops, you want to absolutely look your best. But how can you look your best if your back is criss-crossed with all of the different swimsuit patterns you’ve worn this summer? If you’re facing unfortunate tan lines, maybe it’s time to take matters into your own hands – with maturity and wisdom, of course.

Tanning is bad, surely by now you know that, but it still happens. Sometimes it happens accidentally when you forget the sunscreen, but other times it happens quite on purpose when you lay in the sun baking for hours on end. If you’ve earned an unfortunate tan, you can enjoy dress up games that hide the lines or you can work to make the lines disappear if they show up in your favorite top. An easy way to hide the lines is to get the help of a friend and use a self-tanner. Paint the tanner onto the light spots on your skin and wait the necessary amount of time. Just be sure to buy the right tanner for your current skin tone.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dress Up Games and Jeans

Dress up games are easy when you’re wearing jeans. Of course, the first thing you need to figure out is how to find the right pair of jeans. There are hundreds of pairs of jeans out there, and the most important thing is to find the jeans that fit and flatter your body. Sometimes you can find this in jeans that are less than $50, and other times you wind up paying more – even hundreds of dollars for the perfect pair of jeans. Once you find them though, you’ll be able to pair those jeans with just about anything.

The dress up games are easy to do with some jeans. Denim is naturally a neutral palette, so you can find just about any shirt and pair it with jeans. Wear your jeans with a formal shirt and dress them up with heels or strappy sandals. You’ll be dressed for a night on the town. Put on your jeans with a casual t-shirt and you’ll be ready to take on just about anything. The biggest trick with your jeans and dress up games is finding the right length for the jeans. Your jeans should be long enough to wear with heels, but not so long you can’t wear them with casual shoes as well.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dress Up Games and Sleep

It’s hard to look your best if you’re not rested. If you’re going to be playing dress up games, you should absolutely be focused on getting enough sleep the night before. And not only should you be worried about how much sleep you’re getting, you should also spend some time planning out when you’re going to be getting all of that sleep. After all, there are good times and bad times to sleep. Surely you’ve woken up late on the weekends before and realized that you’re more tired than you were when you went to bed? That would be because you we sleeping at the wrong times.

As a teenager you should be sleeping around nine hours per night. The best hours for sleeping are between nine and seven in the morning, which may mean going to bed as early as nine and getting up around 6 if you have school early in the day. Going to bed part ten is never a good idea since you’re pushing the limits of your natural sleep patterns and you’re risking waking up feeling grouchy.  

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dress Up Games: How to Play

Dress up games are so straightforward it’s hard to not figure out how to play. That doesn’t mean you have all the tricks figured out the first time you sit down with the dress up games. It’s actually simple to play the dress up games, but can be far more challenging to get all of the details down pat. And in all honesty, why would you want to get all of the details figured out? The creativity and challenge of finding perfection time and time again is what makes the dress up games so much fun.

To play dress up games, you’ll start with a doll base that looks a lot like a barely dressed Barbie doll. The doll base needs clothing and the game provides a nice selection of items that you can use to dress her up. Simply drag and drop the clothing items over to the doll and pick out things that complete a particular look if that’s what you’re going for or use a random selection to create a look that is even more unique and fun. The best part of dress up games is how simple they are to play and the truly creative end results.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dress Up Games for Easter

Easter is coming up fast, although it seemed to take forever to get here. Now that it’s almost Easter it’s time to think about dress up games for this fun holiday – in particular, the Easter dresses. Easter is a time to celebrate a religious holiday if you’re Christian or a fun, American holiday if you’re not. The hiding of the Easter eggs is a fun tradition regardless of religion, and a holiday like this where families get together to have fun, and possibly go to church together, deserves a new outfit.

When you’re playing dress up games for Easter, you should always remember first that your outfit should reflect your own proper style. Easter isn’t a time for short or low cut items. Classy should be the name of the game. Use pastel or lighter colors to come up with the perfect outfit to wear and if you can, you might even consider a hat or something extra fun to liven things up for the morning and afternoon.  

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Online Dress Up Games

Online dress up games are special because they bring so many good things together at one time. Think about how much we love to look at fashions and then how much we loved creating our own fashionable looks with our little dress up dolls once upon a time. With online dress up games, you can bring that magic back very easily indeed. The online dress up games are essentially fashion plates complete with new looks you get to play with.

The online dress up games include a blank body template and hundreds of clothing items usually, although the smaller games can have fewer clothing items to work with. To play, you pick out clothing items you’d like for your dress up game to include. When you pick out a pair of pants, for example, you drag and drop that item over to the doll and put it on her body correctly. Once all fo the clothing items are on, you have a great looking new fashion plate.  

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dress Up Games and Shoes

It’s amazing to me how much shoes can really change an outfit. I recently discovered that you don’t have to actually go and try on shoes when you need some new ones. I actually ordered the shoes online because it was fun for me, and because I was able to play dress up games without having to do the endless search around the mall and other nearby stores for a great deal on shoes that I actually like.

On a shoe website, I was able to search by the size I actually wore and then again by color or style. I sorted and narrowed down my choices until I had the perfect shoes in my sights. I went in for new white tennis shoes, but I left the dress up games shoe site with three new pairs of shoes, one of which I’m wearing today and the others that look good in my closet, even if they aren’t going to be worn every day.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dress Up Games and Prom

Prom is just a few weeks away for many of us, and that means it’s time for some serious dress up games. When you’re playing dress up games for prom, why not spend some time actually thinking abut the sort of dresses you’re thinking about ahead of time. The dresses for prom are always featured online in picture studies as well as in catalogs and fashion plates. The dresses for prom are also featured in a spot you’ve probably never thought of – the online dress up games.

Online dress up games that deal with formal gowns make it possible for you to think about and see how the different styles of dresses fit. While the doll base online won’t be a perfect match for your own body, she will be able to at least wear a few different basic shapes so that you can narrow down your search when it comes time to actually hurry to the stores. Pull a look together online and you’ll have a much easier time pulling it together at the stores, too.  

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dress Up Games for the Beach

As the weather warms up dramatically, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to be wearing on the beach this season. The beach is always an adventure in seeing how much you can get away with, but you don’t want to spend all of your energy worrying about how to keep the vital parts covered while exposing the rest of the skin on your body. It’s more important to think of ways to look adorable while staying appropriately attired to actually have fun.

Walking down the beach with your swimsuit barely holding on isn’t fun. Sure, you get lots of attention, but that’s not always the sort of attention you want from groups of people drinking on the beach. It’s far better to put on a cute swimsuit and comfortable cover so that you can actually move on the beach. Don’t you want to be able to walk down the beach and run and play? Pick up a game of volleyball when asked? Dress to be impressive – not just dressing to impress.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dress Up Games and Easter

Easter may be the time of the egg-delivering bunny, but it’s also the time of Easter dresses and bonnets. Of course, in our modern time, we don’t do many bonnets anymore, although you’ll find pretty fabulous hats every now and again. When you’re playing dress up games for Easter, you can enjoy quite a section of outfits and styles designed to make you look light and pretty for the holiday.

Naturally, not all of us celebrate Easter with dress up games, but we don’t have to celebrate Easter to take advantage of the pretty floral dresses out there. Look in your favorite stores for the lines of clothing they have in their spring collections. You want clothing that looks beautiful and is also age appropriate. Older women shouldn’t be dressing like little girls and little girls shouldn’t be dressing like women heading out to a club, either. Find a pretty dress that really resonates with you and it can easily be the basis of entirely new dress up games.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dress Up Games and St. Patrick’s Day

It’s funny how easily dress up games work into the major, and not so major holidays throughout the year. St. Patrick’s Day is a perfect example. The whole premise behind how we celebrate St. Patrick’s day in the United States is the clothing we wear. Okay, it’s also the beer we drink, but for those of us who aren’t into such things, we have to stick with the clothing option. St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the Irish patron, and what could be more Irish than a bunch of green!

Green beer, green rivers and green clothing are all part of the deal, but the dress up games deal with the green clothing. If you have to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day to avoid getting pinched, why not do it with style and finesse? There’s no rule stating that the green you wear has to be some random t-shirt with a slogan, although it’s always an option. Pull together a classy look with dark jeans, boots and a hip sweater. Simply grab a green t-shirt to put under the sweater and that peek of green at the neckline will be enough to make everyone happy and you’ll look great, too.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dress Up Games and Dessert

There’s a strict correlation between how many dress up games I play and how much dessert I eat. It works something like this. When I want to play dress up games, I’m feeling slim and healthy. When I’m eating a huge amount of dessert I’m feeling anything but slim and healthy. It’s a paradox. When I play dress up games, my favorite thing in the world is to throw clothing aside as being too big for me now. I want to under grow my clothing.

I used to do it all the time, but now I only seem to outgrow them as my tummy enlarges with every bit of dessert I eat. It’s frankly quite disgusting, but even though I know the gross (but yummy!) foods I eat are causing the pudge my clothes are battling, I can’t seem to stop. I think what I need to do is start from the other direction. If I play dress up games now I’ll likely find some clothing that fits comfortable. If I see that I have clothing that fits and looks okay, I can start working my way down from there. Nobody wants to schlep around all of the time – least of all me.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Failing at Dress Up Games

I’m a dress up games failure. I have a closet full of clothing and I wear almost none of them. It’s all my fault, and I’ll willingly take the blame for the lack of proper attire. The trouble is that the clothing I have isn’t the sort of thing I’d normally just grab to throw on. That’s reserved for jeans and t-shirts. Instead I need to dig around in the clothing options I have available and then find the right styles to suit the purpose I want. If I want to wear something nice, I don’t have an option readily in mind – I have to put it together.

However, in addition to lacking the attention to details required to have a great wardrobe, I’m also short on time in a big way. I can’t find the time to put everything together for a look. Right now my closet is a huge mess. I need to get in there and figure out something to do in order to get it organized. I have a tone of clothing that I need to get rid of the next time I play the dress up games, but I can’t seem to do it. I think though, that having written about my dress up games failure, I’m going to recommit time to take care of it sooner rather than later.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dress Up Games and Fashion for Spring

The winter months are the best times to start planning out your fashion ideas for the spring and summer. As the weather warms up, you’ll likely get the shopping bug and you’ll be ready to head out to the stores to pick up some new things for the season. The question is: what new things are you going to buy?

While you might not have a great idea going into the shopping trip if you just walk out of the door in April or March, you’ll have a much better idea if you spend some time on the computer planning your shopping trip ahead of time. When you play online dress up games, you’re able to figure out the best new styles and actually organize your buying decision into some lists.

If you know you need some new dark pants and a pair of great boots, you’ll be able to search out a great deal once it’s time to shop. Otherwise you might find yourself wandering aimlessly around confused as to what is really the best thing to buy at a given time.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dress Up Games and the Winter Months

Dress up games are fun all year long, but the winter months especially are great for hunkering down at home and firing up the computer. Online dress up games are a fun and easy way to play with fashion. You’ll find countless new looks and ideas for clothing, and it’s only a matter of playing a few rounds before you discover the best you can for your doll online and for yourself if you happen to take the looks you discovered and translate them into something new.

When you play dress up games online, you’ll be given a doll base to work with. The doll looks like a naked, or basically clad, fashion template, and it’s your job to get her completely dressed. As you add clothing styles and new items to her collection, you’re able to see the doll come to life again with each new look. Change out clothing items and styles and soon you’ll have a completed fashion template ready for any sort of creative adventure.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Giving Up Dress Up Games

There’s no need to ever give up dress up games. You might have spent time growing up dressing up like teachers and firemen, but now that you’re older, you’ll likely find that the dress up clothing simply doesn’t hold the same appeal. The reason for this is simple. When you play dress up games when you’re younger, you’re pretending to be something far into the future.

When you’re playing dress up games as a teenager or adult, you want to find things that might actually become true, or you need an audience. It’s not enough to dress up like a firewoman around your house, you want to put the costume together and dress up like a firewoman for a Halloween party or a costumed party some other time of the year. Playing dress up with clothing you don’t really need yet, but will someday is great fun as well. You might try one some designer clothing or some formals just to see how they look – it’s the same fun as the dress up games you played earlier, simply an updated version.  

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dress Up Games and Your Closet

There is no better time than the spring to play dress up games in your closet. When you play in your closet as the seasons change, you’re given the opportunity to go back through your clothing to see what you’ve worn recently and what no longer suits your fashion sense. If you go through your closet with a liberal hand, you’ll be able to find the clothing that really works and you can clear out the stuff that doesn’t fit and then find the things that do fit and look great with what you have in your wardrobe now.

Once you start cleaning out your closet, you’ll likely discover just how much there is that you can do without. You’ll also find that your style has changed over the years. You need to get a feel for the sorts of clothing you like and feel comfortable in every year as you grow and your career changes as well. Dress up games with the clothing in your closet is easily the best way to do exactly that.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dress Up Games and Your Mental Health

It’s funny how great you can feel playing dress up games. I think our four-year-old selves were on to something. We started with dress up in preschool and for some of us, the joy of playing princess simply faded into time. Now, however, we can bring back that joy simply by taking on some new dress up games. When you play dress up games, you’re opening up yourself to find new styles and to take on a new personality with every outfit you pull on.

For example, if you’ve developed a steady diet of jeans and sweatshirts, it might be time to shake things up a bit. Why not step out of jeans into some tailored pants? You can pull a real look together easily just by pairing up different items you already have. Learn what’s in your closet already through dress up games and then take yourself to the stores. Look for entire new outfits, preferably ones you can work with to change and recreate looks until it all works together. The end result you’re looking for is a style you’re comfortable in that looks great, too.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Easy Dress Up Games

Who doesn’t like dress up games? Playing dress up games can’t be any easier than heading to your own closet. If you’re going to play these easy dress up games at home, be sure to leave yourself plenty of time and grab a laundry basket while you’re at it – you’re going to be making a pile for resale or donations.

Playing dress up games in your closet is a way to try on everything you own. The goal is to learn what looks great with other items. Pair up things you know work and then pull some other looks together to see if you can get a cohesive style. If you find an item you haven’t worn in years or that doesn’t fit correctly anymore, simply ditch it in the basket. You can donate those items or sell them through a consignment shop later if you’d like.

At the end of the day, your closet will be beautifully organized. You’ll know exactly what clothing items you have on hand and how to make yourself look great in just a few minutes in the morning. It’s a powerful feeling to let dress up games teach you all about your wardrobe.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Online Dress Up Games

When you play online dress up games, you’re able to enjoy the fashions of today without having to deal with the crowds at the mall. Playing online dress up games lets you sit at home with your favorite styles and designs while everyone battles it out at the department stores trying to do the exact same thing you’re already doing – finding the best fashions and styles for today.

Playing the online dress up games is easy. You start by getting a doll base and then some fashions. Use those clothing items to dress the dolls and pull the items together into unique and fun looks. Some of the dress up games are more fantasy and historical while others are the most current fashions out there. Pull together a dress up games look and then add some accessories to finish it off. You can print it out, use it as the basis of a story or just become inspired by the look before you start your real shopping.