Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dress Up Games at Home

It’s almost the season for cleaning out your home after a long winter, and perhaps this year you should spend some serious time on closets. How many clothing items do you have at home that you haven’t work in years or you just don’t really like that much? Maybe a few dress up games at home are in order to help you clear out that closet and start spring on the right foot.

Playing dress up games at home is simple – just try on everything you have in your closet, shoes included. Start by tossing everything on your bed. That’s right – empty your closet completely. Then you can start putting pieces back on. Try on everything, even your favorites. You’ll get a good workout and you’ll get a great idea of what your clothing is looking like these days. A tall mirror will be needed to really get a good look, and when you find something that looks off or that you just don’t really like any more, drop it in the pile for charity.

At the end of the day, your closet should contain clothing you love and enjoy – nothing you hate or that looks terrible on you.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dress Up Games and Paper Dolls

I was concerned for a while that paper dolls were going out of fashion. I loved paper dolls growing up and actually have a rather extensive collection of the dolls. Today, paper dolls haven’t disappeared, although I didn’t see them for a few years, they are just mixed in with other games for girls.

The majority of dress up games are online now. These dress up games let girls select a doll base and then dress her up in any number of outfits created from individual clothing items. The selection is huge and the game is more intricate than it was when you were restricted to the clothing cut out of a paper book. But even if they are old fashioned, I was relieved to find the original form of paper dolls in stores not too long ago.

Paper dolls are awesome as collectibles and I was able to watch a niece enjoy the dolls for the first time not too long ago. She had a book of dolls and was able to piece through it. When she pulled out some paper dolls of her own, I was thrilled.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dress Up Games Online

There is a special magic to online dress up games. In the online dress up games, you get to select a character and then do all kinds of magical dress up things to make the character into something you really enjoy. The dress up games aren’t limited to a certain style or even a certain form. There are just as many dress up games online for animals as there are for people. Mythological creatures are part of the mix as well.

In a given afternoon, you can play hundreds of different dress up games and never play the same one twice. Some games are incredibly realistic while others are more manga in style. Some are celebrities and others are fairy princesses. From weddings to elves to Goths, there is certainly something for everyone with the online versions of dress up games. The best way to play is to keep trying the different games as you’ll likely never find just one that you’ll claim as a true favorite.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Dress Up Games Box

Growing up we had a box of dress up clothes. We used it for dress up games, but one of our favorite things to do with the box was to make it costumes for other purposes. For example, once we grabbed teddy bears and used yarn to make them puppets. We hung the teddy bear puppets over the banister and controlled them like marionettes. But then we realized that the puppets would be much more fun if we could dress them.

A few minutes later our teddy bear puppets were dressed and ready to go. One wore, or barely kept on, the orange bridesmaid dress my mother wore to my aunt’s wedding in the mid seventies. Another teddy bear wore a fur circle hat that was apparently the height of style in the 1960s. We had such a wonderful time with those old clothes, it’s hard to think that they were actually real at one time – not just fun and games for the rest of us.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dress Up Games and Parties

Dress up games are a staple at girl’s parties with good reason. The games are fun to play and easy to set up, especially if you warn everyone ahead of time. To play the dress up games, you’ll want to let everyone know that you’ll be doing some fashion shows at a sleepover party. Invite them to bring a bag of their favorite or wildest clothing items as part of the show. Include make up kits as well.

Once everyone has arrived, get comfortable in the family room or your room and start going through the bags to put together new outfits and to see what really looks good on people. The best parts about these games is mixing and matching clothing from different styles and closets to make entirely new looks. Once outfits are selected, let everyone do make up on each other and style hair appropriately. Finally do the fashion show and film it. Watch the film with popcorn and let everyone have a good laugh at the final production.  

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dress Up Games for Girls

Nobody loves a good dress up game as much as I do. Playing dress up has been a favorite activity for years although my methods have changed over time. Today I like to watch younger girls experience the fun of dressing up. Preschoolers get so excited about beautiful dresses and princess costumes. Put these little girls in a cowgirl costume and nobody can stop them. As they get older, the dress up games change just as they did for me, but they are still a great deal of fun.

The updated form of dress up games is simple. You get to play dress up with your own clothing and new clothing items from the stores. Dig through your closet to see what’s new and exciting to wear. Likewise you can browse through stores to find clothing items you really like and try them on with items you already have or others you’ve found to determine what looks best on you and what you like to wear. The end product is clothing you love, a good time and a bit more experience with fashion and dress up games.