Monday, March 19, 2012

Dress Up Games for Little Girls

We always love a good dress up game, and the dress up games for girls are an excellent way to encourage creativity and inspiration when it comes to little sisters or daughters. Sitting down with your young one and encouraging her to play dress up games can pay off nicely as she gets older and realizes just how much there is to gain from the exciting world of fashion.

To encourage dress up games for little girls, you'll first need to establish a box of clothing that is suitable for the little girl to play with. Go through your closet and find the clothing that you no longer wear. Look especially for clothing that is fun and brightly colored. Little girls enjoy fun dresses and high heels much more than they enjoy anything beige and bland. Look for pretty things or interesting things, and don't stress too much about the rest- the little girl in your life will probably take care of it for you.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Dress Up Games and Spring

It’s spring – finally – and that means it’s time for some serious spring cleaning. To start your spring cleaning, why not play some of your favorite dress up games. The dress up games you’ve played in the past online are just the inspiration you need to pull things out of your closet and start trying them on bit by bit. Put new outfits together and see what sort of creative ideas you can manage in the fashion world. Soon you’ll have a beautiful look and a compact wardrobe as well since you can get rid of the extra stuff you don’t use or need anymore.

Then, once you’ve finished your spring cleaning with some dress up games, head over to the thrift stores to see what others have come up with in terms of spring cleaning – they may have discarded some clothing items that you realize you just can’t live without. And picking up some new styles for a dollar or two per item is not only fun, but rewarding as well – you can get a whole outfit for less than a Value Meal.