Saturday, March 28, 2009

Easter Dress Up Games

Easter is a great time of year for those who love spring fashion. Easter doesn’t have to mean pastels, but it usually does to a degree. There are lots of fun ways to play dress up games at Easter.

Easter Costumes
You have the option of wearing an Easter costume of course, if you can find one in your size. Become the Easter bunny or, better, dress up like a giant Easter egg just to amuse yourself and others.

Easter Dresses
Easter is a time many families bring out new clothing. Easter dresses and outfits are in spring colors and a bit dressier than you might normally wear. Make the dresses a bit flouncy and lacy and find some adorable shoes to match. Easter is the first day that when white shoes traditionally become acceptable, so you might look for a pair of white sandals or heels to go with it.

Easter Pajamas
The hunt for Easter eggs is fun for everyone, and many families do the hunt first thing in the morning. For these families, cute pajamas are almost a must to be sure that the pictures of the egg hunt turn out well.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Dress Up Games

Spring is in the air and it’s time for some dress up games with a special hint of pastel. Spring doesn’t always have to mean pastel colors and white hats, but it is fun to wear something other than winter sweatshirts and heavy socks. The best parts of spring dress up games are easy to find.

If you haven’t broken yours out yet, be sure to buy a new pair of flip-flops or sandals in bright colors. The brighter, the better. You might even buy them cheaply and get a few in different colors. Normally you have to throw flip-flops out after a season or two, so get some that you’ll enjoy without guilt or worry about their condition.

If you wore a skirt in the winter, it was likely with boots and heavy tights. Now you can wear a skirt with bare legs and flats and nobody will think anything of it – except maybe how cute you look.

It’s finally time to start showing your shoulders again, and the first tank tops of the season feel great. Head outside to get some sun on your shoulders and smile with the first warm breezes of spring.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Fashions For Dress Up Games

Dress up games showcase many of the latest fashion trends – especially the outfits celebrities are wearing. Here are some of the most recent fashion trends to show up in dress up games.

Glam Shoes
Shoes are getting taller again. After years of flats and sandals, shoes are starting to creep up in all areas of fashion. Tall wedges are fun and lace-up heels are almost a given at this point. Wear them alone or with tights to really make an impression. You see the glam shoes paired with skinny jeans quite frequently.

Tunics and Dresses
Flirty, feminine looks are very in and to achieve this look, many celebs and other fashionistas are choosing vintage or country style dresses. Short florals or more set polka-dots are paired with bright tights and perhaps a leather jacket to make any outfit a bit edgier.

Hats are also on the way back in. With unusually colored and textured fedoras leading the way, your dress up game will certainly need a hat to complete her completely stylish look. You might even decide that you need one as well.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to Play Dress Up Games

If you love fashion, you’ll love to play dress up games. Dress up games are a fun way to use your creativity to find new looks that you can use yourself or just online.

1. Go to your favorite dress up games website. There are millions to choose from based in every country around the globe.

2. Find a dress up base that you like. Most of the dress up games have only a single base per game, so you might have better luck picking out a game you like – mermaids or goth, perhaps.

3. Select hair color and style. One of the first things you’ll need to select is the kind of hair your dress up game doll will have. Don’t fret too long, if you don’t like it, you can always change it later.

4. Select an outfit. The best way to find the perfect outfit for your dress up game is to try on everything there is. In some cases, this is possible, but in the case of larger games, you’ll have to just try on as many things you can before you land on some items you really like together.

5. Save your work! You can either print out the finished doll or you can save her to your computer in case you ever want to use her again someday.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Best Dress Up Games

When you go online to play dress up games, there are so many different choices it can be hard to decide. Among my personal favorites you’ll find:

Goth Dress Up Games – I love to do anything out of the norm, and goth dress up games definitely fit the bill for being unusual. Besides, you never really realize exactly how much you can do with black, red and purple until you try.

Fairy Dress Up Games – I love the delicate creatures with their big ears and tiny fairy wings. Making little fairies into my own dressed up creations is always great fun.

Guy Dress Up Games – With almost all girl games online, there should be some balance and that is exactly what guy dress up games offer. When you play guy dress up games, you can be anyone you want – including a boy.

Mermaid Dress Up Games – Finally, when you think you’ve tried everything, you have to try mermaid dress up games. Different colored tails are just the beginning as you chose fun hairstyles, fun seashell tops and backgrounds as well.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dress Up Games For Grown Ups

It’s only fair for everyone to play dress up games if they want to. This includes adults. If you love to play dress up as a child, than its fitting you’ll play as an adult as well. Dress up games for adults are a bit more complicated for grown-ups, but not too much so.

Closet Dress Up Games
There is absolutely nothing wrong with cleaning out your closet and playing with your clothes at the same time. Try on everything you own to see what still fits and what can be given away. Make new outfits and try on new combinations from what you have to see what styles you can create that you might not have even considered previously.

Party Dress Up Games
Those who love to dress up almost always can find a way to do so by throwing parties. Costume parties are always fun, and when you have a costume party you get to be creative and test your thinking-out-of-the-box skills to find something especially creative.

Special Event Dress Up Games
If you’re in a profession where you get to be creative on occasion, such as a teacher, you have the chance to dress up just for fun or to improve classes by bringing certain characters to life. This is especially true for those who enjoy story-telling and activities such as Renaissance Fairs.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Do Guys Play Dress Up Games?

It’s rather universally accepted that girls play dress up games, but there are website that feature guys and their clothing lines. Does that mean that boys play dress up games, too? In my experience, boys are interested in just about anything that girls do, but they have the extra pressure to not appear “girly” with their interest.

Boys are into fashion and they like to shop just the same way girls to. Some love it much more than others, but there are plenty of boys who can put me and my large wardrobe to shame with their packed closet. If I had to guess, I’d say that there are more than a few boys online playing dress up games.

I’d wager there are even more secretly trying on all of their different outfits in front of the mirror and seeing what clothing items look the “toughest” or whatever it is that guys are hoping for when they get dressed in the morning. Guys like to look good, too. Dress up games are an easy way for this to happen, so following logic – once a guy knows about them, he might give the games a try or two.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dress Up Games for Girls

There are so many dress up games available, it’s hard to narrow down the best ones, but any of the dress up games should be appealing. Here are a few of my favorite dress up games for girls.

Model Dress Up Games – Sometimes you’ll find games that are modeled after America’s Next Top Model or just models that could be on the show or something similar. Dressing up models is what fashion designers live for.

Barbie Dress Up Games – You can’t go wrong when you dress up a fashion icon. From tiny heels to miniskirts, Barbie has a huge collection of wardrobe options online.

Celebrity Dress Up Games – I’ve always liked celebrities, so a celebrity dress up game is exactly right for me. From major celebs to the more minor ones, I especially enjoy the games that give me ideas for the red carpet.

Fairy Dress Up Games – I’m partial to fantasy, and my dress up games are no exception. I’d rather play a fairy or elf dress up game than just about any other type if I’m in the fantasy type of mood. From elves to pixies, there are plenty of fantasy characters to go around.