Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Make Your Own Tiara

The best part of dress up games is decking yourself out like a princess or fairy and then throwing on your absolute best accessory – the tiara. Of course, if you’ve looked recently, a tiara is rather expensive to have as an occasional dress up item. You could wait around until Halloween to snatch one up, but when you want a tiara now, your best option is to simply make your own.

Start by heading to hardware store. You want some very thin, flexible wire such as copper – thin enough to bend easily, but strong enough to stand up to some rough play. Talk to a sales person, too about what tool you need to cut your wire and the best way to smooth down the ends – you might need a lighter to melt them a bit. If you do use fire, of course, get a parent or grown-up to help.

On your way home, swing by the craft store. You’ll need some hair combs or bobby pins, which the craft store likely sells. You’ll also need a can of spray paint (again get a parent’s help) in a gold, silver or platinum metallic. Finally, you’ll need really good glue and plenty of sparkle – glitter, gems and jewels.

Take it all home and bend the wire into a fantastic tiara shape befitting your noble role. Then smooth down the cut ends and spray the tiara with the metallic paint. Wait for it to dry before using the glue to affix all your glitter and gems. Finally, glue the finished tiara to the combs or bobby pins and your look is complete!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Five Reasons to Love Dress Up Games

Dress up games are easy to love. What could be better than sitting around on the computer playing with fashion for hours on end? And the best part of all - most dress up games are absolutely free. You can’t say that for your current fashionable wardrobe.

1. Dress up games are fun forever. Some games you can only play for a few minutes before you get a little bit bored and are ready to take on something new. Dress up games aren’t like that. There are so many variations, you can play for hours.

2. Dress up games test your skills. It’s fun to test your fashion skills, and dress up games are one of the best ways to do it.

3. You can play solo or en masse. Dress up games are fun by yourself when you have some time to kill at home, or you can invite friends over just play around with online makeovers.

4. Free fashion advice is available through dress up games. You have to pay for fashion magazines, but you can see all the latest styles and how to wear them through dress up games.

5. Dress up games constantly evolve. In the world of fashion, nothing stays the same for long and dress up games work the same way. There is always something new out there in the online fashion world.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dress Up Celebrities

It’s fun to dress up dolls, but it’s even more fun to dress up celebrities. We watch celebrities from afar thanks to entertainment television and fashion magazines, and for the most part, the fashion of the stars is super.

When you live your life in the spotlight, you must learn to look the part even when you’re just taking your dog for a walk or heading to the local grocery store for your daily detox energy drink, or whatever. I’m sure having fashion experts around on all those movies and television sets rubs off on celebrities as well. Regardless, they look great and are a lot of fun to dress up.

Celebrity dress up games are essentially the same as regular dress up games, but with a major exception. In a regular dress up game you might be working with a cute red haired base, but in the celebrity dress up game, you’re bedecking Nicole Kidman or Cameron Diaz for a major red carpet event.

Most celebrity dress up games aren’t simply throwing gowns onto celebrity bodies. The outfits are ones actually worn by the stars at major events or in movies. The dress up games are accompanied by contests and challenges to figure out which doll is what celebrity based on the dress alone. They can be a mite challenging, but maybe not for an expert like you!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Beating Summer Boredom with Dress Up Games

Summer is moving along, and now that the fireworks and festivities are over, you might be wondering what to do with yourself for the rest of your time off. If you’re already bored, why not try a new twist on an old game?

Dress up games on the computer are a great way to entertain yourself and any of your friends or sisters who show up bored to tears, too. You used to dress up dolls, but now you can dress up online dolls instead in the current fashions. You might even stumble across a celebrity dress up game and be able to give the Jonas Brothers or another favorite a few new outfits.

Dress up games can be much more than simply throwing clothes on a doll base. There are hundreds of items to choose from, and when you’re done, you don’t have to just undress the doll and start over – although you can. Rather than just nixing your design, you can use your doll as your computer background, the avatar or picture on a MySpace or Facebook profile, or even just print out a copy to use on your wall.

Every time you feel the doldrums coming to get you, don’t just sink farther into the couch cushions. Drag yourself to the computer and spend some time getting creative and having fun, although you can still complain of boredom to your parents in hopes of earning a season pass somewhere fun.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dress Up Games: One Day Dare

Looking for a way to keep your sanity through another round of summer school? Why not play a bit of truth or dare, only without the truth or the slumber party. This version of a daring game can only be done if both people are ready and willing to give their fashion sense a run for its money and feel a surge in their creativity. The one day dare is tough; there is no doubt about it.

The One Day Dare
In this dress up game, you and a partner agree to play together for the day or you can play as a group if everyone picks a name. You can only dare one person at a time. Then you’ll need to head to a local thrift store or your own closet. If you can sneak into your mom or dad’s closet, that will make the game great fun, too.

Your goal is to find a single item of clothing or an accessory that is so horrible it looks like something that might be oddly fashionable. For example, a vest your mother wore twenty years ago might seem like something almost stylish again – but it’s so obviously not.

Bring that item to your friend the night before the dare. She has the rest of the evening to use that item in an outfit for the next day, and then she must wear it – without speaking of the dare, the entire day. She must do her best to play it off as though she choose that item as part of her normal wardrobe. You might be laughing at her wearing a horrible vest, but you’ll be too busy trying to look cool in her mom’s old elastic waist pants to even try.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fashion Victim Dress Up Game

Have you ever seen a friend sport an outfit thrown together at a thrift store? If your friend really knows what she’s doing, the outfit looks terrific – the clothes fit and have that funky vintage feel. But of course, things don’t always work out just right and sometimes there is a fashion victim in the mix – that’s the whole point of the Fashion Victim Dress Up Game. Are you in fashion? Or a fashion victim?

Grab a friend for moral support and head over to a local thrift store. You can really do this at any secondhand clothing shop, but it’s unlikely you’ll find real treasures at a store where the clothing is screened before being sold for more than nickels and dimes. You’re looking for the items that haven’t been stylish for decades – and you’re going to make them hip again.

Get into the shop and start digging. Try things on if you dare or take them home to try on later. You might wash any clothing you decide to try on before pulling them on, simply because they might not have been washed well before being donated. Look for funky combinations of jeans or pants, jackets, tops, sweaters, and even unusual shoes.

If you find a goldmine of a thrift clothing store, you can also find some truly unusual accessories. It’s easy to spend hours poking around and pulling together potential outfits. When you’re done, get the clothes to go and you’ll have an entirely new style – likely for less than $20.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dress Up Game – Costume Contest

If you’re looking to have a bit of fun this summer, invite some friends over and tell them to pack a suitcase full of interesting items not only from their closets, but from their parents as well – if they can get away with it. When they arrive, paw through the clothing to see what items are available for this fun dress up game.

Your goal is to create a costume. Only you will know what the costume is supposed to be until you unveil it to your friends. You might also provide cardboard and construction paper to the group to use if they need to make accessories to help make the costume more real. This is even more fun if you work in pairs so there is someone to share ideas with.

Dig through the clothes and piece together an outfit that suits your character. Perhaps you’re a princess or a mermaid. Be creative – you might be a soldier or anything that strikes your fancy. You should get into the act as much as possible, but try and keep it all secret until the last minute.

Then everyone gets dressed and comes out for a grand unveiling. You should probably take turns being in the spotlight as that is much more fun, and be sure to take pictures for posterity. If you’re really a good planner, you can invite a large group of friends over and have a costume party – not just a contest.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Manicure Parties

You’ve had slumber parties and ice cream parties, but have you ever had a manicure party? There are two ways to have a manicure party. And both are terrific ways to meet your friends, spend time together and have a great time.

DIY Manicures
Do-it-yourself manicures are a casual, fun way to get together with friends. Everyone should bring over their nail polish and manicure items to go into a communal offering. Of course you’ll get them back at the end.

Then everyone takes turns doing everyone else’s nails. When you’re finished, take a picture of all the completed fingernails together. Who knows – it might just become one of your favorite pictures of friendship.

Professional Manicures
Your other option is to book a group of appointments at a local salon to get everyone a manicure. You might even be able to get a lower rate since there will be so many people at one time getting a manicure.

When you’re getting a manicure done by a pro, you can sit back, relax, and chat with your friends and manicurist. Professional and even low-key DIY manicures are very relaxing – and you wind up with beautiful hands.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ultimate Makeovers

The next time you’ve invited a friend over and you’re getting ready to play dress up games – why not do an ultimate makeover? And what is an ultimate makeover? It’s far more than just a basic dress up game.

Start with her wardrobe selection. Pretend you’re going to a modeling shoot and select an outfit to wear before you do anything with make-up and hair. Try things on and mix and match to find the best look for your friend.

Then put the outfit aside, wash her face and start on her hair. If you’re using curlers or a straightener, get started setting and fixing her hair. Use plenty of product so that the look stays and then, once you’re finished with hair, pull it gently out of the way with a bandana.

Your next step is to focus on make-up. Makeover your friend’s face with dramatic strokes and colors. This is a dress up game, not school, so you can experiment however you like.

Finally, your friend should get dressed and be surprised when she looks in the mirror. Then, of course, the entire process gets repeated for you and you get your turn being the subject of attention and the recipient of a whole new look.