Saturday, May 30, 2009

Silly Dress Up Games

Not all dress up games have to be serious. You can enjoy silly dress up games just as much as the real ones based on clothing in your closet. Here are a few of my favorites.

Grown-up Dress Up Clothes – Dig into your parent’s closet with permission, of course, and try on something that belongs to your mother or father. Even better are clothing that you can find in your great aunt or your grandmother’s closet. Look for hats and shoes from this era, too as they are just as great as the clothing. You’ll likely feel a bit silly in the outdated clothing, but you might also find a nice collection of vintage clothing you’d like to wear to school or to mix and match with other items in your wardrobe.

Charity Dress Up Games – When people donate clothing to charity, they often give away some of the most interesting items. Go through your local resale or charity store to see what sort of clothing options you can find. Look for the craziest things you can find and get your friends in on the act to see what sorts of combinations they can make. You can play with your new outfits in the dressing room, at home after you buy the clothing or you can make an agreement to wear the crazy clothing to school for the day. Being silly is fun when your friends are all doing it, too.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dress Up Games at Home

I love to play dress up games at home. The best kind of all is at the start of each new season. For example, I do a summer clothing dress up game the first time it warms up each winter. When I feel that first warm breeze of spring, I think of summer and dig out all of the tank tops and shorts I haven’t worn in a year. I pull everything out of the closet and lay it on the bed.

And then the dress up games for girls begin. To start the dress up games, you simply try on clothing in different combinations to see what still looks good and what outfits you need to give away or put away. If you’ve lost weight, some of your clothing might be too big. If you’re gained a bit over the cooler months, you might need to pick out your bigger clothing for now and keep the smaller pieces boxed for a few weeks while you work to lose a few pounds.

Pull on tops and bottoms and look for outfits you can make. Go through your winter clothing as well to be sure there aren’t any hoodies or pants that you can wear over the last few weeks of transitioning from one month to the next. Long pants with a cami top look great, for example, as do a hoodie and a sundress – if it’s the right combination.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dress Up Games and Creativity

Dress up games are a great way to express your creativity both on and off the computer. When you are playing with friends or digging around in your closet, you are able to pull together brand new outfits from the items you already have. The more clothing you have, the more creative you can be. And don’t be afraid to make new looks by using a thread and needle or just tying up shirts you already have or cutting off the legs of pants that are too short to make shorts or capris.

When you go online, you can get even more creative because literally thousands of styles are available at your fingertips. Pull together crazy outfits just for fun, or focus on outfits that are beautiful and style. See how outlandish you can be and send the designs to your friends so that they can have a turn as well.

In fact, online dress up games are the best way to truly challenge creativity. See what sort of doll and clothing you can make and then challenge your friend to top your design or to come up with a whole new concept. Perhaps everyone designs in red and then blue. Then create dolls for special events just to see how well you can do.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fun with Dress Up Games

Dress up games are a great way to have fun, especially on a sleepover. Invite your closet friends over for a bit of fun and adventure by bringing out your box of dress up clothes as well. Start by going through your mother’s closet and find as many crazy items as you can. With her permission, add them to your dress up clothes box.

Then move on to your father’s closet and see what suits and other items you can find that would make fun additions as well. Suspenders, ties and knee socks are popular additions. Finally, visit the goodwill with a twenty and add the finishing touches of crazy clothes to your collection. You’ll want to wash those clothing before anyone wears them, however.

Once your friends come over, get them ready for the dress up game, but clearing the area and pulling out the make up and hair products as well. Then go to town. Pick clothing for each other and pull the complete outfit together by including new hair styles and make up. Take plenty of picture or show off in a fashion show just for fun.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Favorite Dress Up Games

Everyone has favorite games they play, and mine just happen to be a collection of dress up games. I love a game that has many different choices to give me freedom to make whatever I want to make without feeling limited by anything or anyone in the game. So in any genre of game, I want it to be big – big base and a big selection of items to choose.

Princess Dress Up Games
I’m a sucker for a princess dress up game. I like the games where I’m able to choose sweeping ball gowns and pretty accessories. I’ve always loved full skirts and fomal tops. It’s just pretty.

Goth Dress Up Games
I’m not goth, but I like to experiment with other styles to see what they would be like. Goth is an especially fun one although I often have fun with the emo and punk side of life as well.

Fairy Dress Up Games
Imagination is a terrible thing to waste, so I keep mine active using fairies. I like to create my own version of the fantasy creatures complete with wings and auras as background.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Best Dress Up Games

Everyone likes dress up games. Even if they hate going shopping, most people enjoy watching someone else get a new look and getting excited about it. For those that truly love to help someone achieve a new look, dress up games online are a great way to use your fashion sense and creativity to make a statement about what you like and what looks good together.

The best dress up games are the ones that you like the most. There is no right or wrong, per se, in the dress up games world, but for the experienced girl gamer, she’ll want choices. The more choices available in a dress up game, the more likely she is to enjoy it. If you give a dress up game a single figure with twelve or twenty outfit combinations, there isn’t much fun in playing dress up.

Instead, break all of the outfits into smaller pieces so that the players can choose every element of an outfit separately. It takes a bit longer to pull an outfit together one piece at a time, but that’s the most enjoyable and entertaining way to play.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Favorite Spring Dress Up Games

Spring brings with it the joy of warm weather, blooming flowers and a bit of romance. All of this happy-happy joy-joy can also make for some fun online dress up games. So throw open your window to let in some of that fresh air and natural sunlight and get busy with some of my favorite dress up games.

Mermaid Dress Up Games – I love the mermaids. Nothing says spring and summer like a swimsuit and nothing says swimming like a mermaid. I like the games that allow you to design an entire mermaid from her hair to her tail and everything in between.

Couple Dress Up Games – Couples are very typical of this time of the year, and online you can create your own couples. Make a couple look like you and your special guy or mess with your friends by pairing them up with their “secret” crushes through your games.

Celebrity Dress Up Games – The celebrities out there come out of the woodwork in the summer. It must be the summer movies, but this is a great time to play celebrity dress up games.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Swimsuit Dress Up Games

It’s that time again! It’s time to pull out the swimsuits from last summer to see what still fits and what looks great and maybe not so great. But before you skim down to your swimsuit body in the dressing room, take time to practice with different looks online.

Swimsuit Dress Up Games
Online you can find all kinds of dress up games. Swimsuits are no exception. Find a swimsuit dress up game and you can see what you might look like in some of the more traditional and the more outlandish styles. Not ready to try on a bikini in the dressing room? Try it online first to get a feel for which styles offer the most coverage and support.

Getting Fit for Swimsuit Games
When you do go in to try on swimsuits, look for suits that suit your body. If you don’t like the way your body looks in a suit, you can work on that by exercising and eating correctly. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet and spend at least an hour a day walking, running, biking, climbing or dancing.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dress Up Games and Little Sisters

Little sisters are the best when it comes to dress up games. They are almost always willing candidates for makeovers, and many times they are willing to include their friends in your game. You can spend the entire afternoon making up your little sister and he friends and then rifling through your clothing (and hers) to find something they can wear.

When you have everyone ready, you might be able to convenience them to do a fashion show. Have the younger girls line up and then walk the catwalk to music you’ve selected. Snap pictures while the walk to make the whole thing feel more authentic. You can print or send the pictures to the girls later as a special treat form the whole thing.

But perhaps the greatest things of all about little sisters is they are often very good at stating their opinions about what you’re wearing and how you look. Your friends will usually worry about your feelings, but your sister has no qualms, she’ll just launch right in and let you know exactly what she thinks of your outfit and how you look in it. You can then return the favor by dressing her in something horrible and taking her picture in it.