Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dress Up Games and Summer

I go back and forth with myself about playing dress up games in the summer months. For one it’s often too hot to really be pulling clothes in and out of my closet, but at the same time, this is when I have the most time to actually work with my wardrobe to come up with a new look. During the summer months, I can play dress up games in my room all day long without any interruptions or complaints. It’s hard to find that much time during the school year with our many obligations.

Unfortunately, about the time you’re really getting into your dress up games, the heat catches up with you and you realize that you’d much rather just take a nap or go to the pool rather than work up a bit of perspiration by pulling on jeans and other clothes that tend to make you hot. If you do play dress up games during the summer, you can enjoy them in peace and quiet. Perhaps you should save the dress up games for the end of the summer months just before school starts again. Then you can use the dress up games as a great way to find new looks for the school year and to find holes in your wardrobe.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dress Up Games and Tan Lines

There are many great things about summer, but tan lines aren’t really one of them. If you’re looking at some great summer evenings out with friends in flimsy tops, you want to absolutely look your best. But how can you look your best if your back is criss-crossed with all of the different swimsuit patterns you’ve worn this summer? If you’re facing unfortunate tan lines, maybe it’s time to take matters into your own hands – with maturity and wisdom, of course.

Tanning is bad, surely by now you know that, but it still happens. Sometimes it happens accidentally when you forget the sunscreen, but other times it happens quite on purpose when you lay in the sun baking for hours on end. If you’ve earned an unfortunate tan, you can enjoy dress up games that hide the lines or you can work to make the lines disappear if they show up in your favorite top. An easy way to hide the lines is to get the help of a friend and use a self-tanner. Paint the tanner onto the light spots on your skin and wait the necessary amount of time. Just be sure to buy the right tanner for your current skin tone.