Monday, November 28, 2011

Dress Up Games and Cold Weather

The first seriously cold day of winter is here, and this year it’s time to have some fun with winter dress up games. If you’re going to go out to play in the snow, shouldn’t you look good doing it? The styles this year are great for casual play, though. Fuzzy boots, tight snow pants and great furry jackets are a nice starting point for the holidays. Skinny jeans tuck into the boots and tunic sweaters hide all of the layers you need underneath to stay warm.

Wrap up in a warm jacket or sweater coat, plop an adorable hat on your head and you’re ready to go outside. The cold weather makes you feel more adventuresome, plus the naturally bulky layers make it easier to hide certain body flaws we might not be as interested in showing off in the summer months. Use those layers and those fully sweaters to your advantage while still staying sexy and staying very much in tune with your own version of the winter dress up games.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dress Up Games and Fat

It’s hard to play dress up games if you’re working to disguise a bit of extra fat or a bit of a lump here and there. Fortunately, women are designed to have a bit of extra meat on their bones and the smart fashion designer knows this and takes it into accommodation when she’s designing clothing for the real female body. If you’re trying to make a few extra pounds disappear in your clothing, start with some careful planning in both foundation garments and you primary clothing items.

The most flattering clothing should skim your body rather than clinging to every single curve of your body (both good and bad.) It can be fun to wear clingy clothing to show off curves you like, but at the same time, that top or those pants are showing off the curves you don’t like as much, too. Wear skimming dresses, pants and tops. Then give the clothing a few smooth curves to skim over. Foundation garments help to smooth your body under clothing without creating new lumps or bumps. Use the garments to make your dress up games even more exciting and flattering as well.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dress Up Games and Boots

Tall boots are one of the must-have accessories of the season. Every woman needs to own at least one pair of really good boots, and they should fit her like a glove. The best thing about having boots isn’t just that they feel so good on your feet, but that they are so stylish no matter what you pair them with. Put your boots with a mini skirt and you’re flirtatious and fun (if a bit chilly.) Of course, you can use some tights with the dres up games and you’ll be a bit warmer and just as adorable.

Boots make a beautiful accessory over skinny jeans or pants as well. Pair them up over any pants or if you’re not into tucking in, pair your boots with a great pencil skirt to really wow everyone with your winter executive wear. A beautiful winter outfit can be as simple as a black skirt, a pair of great black leather boots and a fitted sweater. Add some jewelry and you’re ready for anything from a business meeting to a bar. Boots protect your feet and keep you fashionable and warm, but beware the suede boots – they are hard to care for and they don’t travel well in winter weather at least.