Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dress Up Games and Hair Dye

I’ll admit I’ve always been tempted to dye my hair an outlandish shade, but I have never done it. What would it be like to walk into school next week with purple hair? Or perhaps be a bleached blonde with dark roots ala Madonna? This brunette has never even had highlights, so I’m not one to preach about hair color and dyes, but I think that the various colors and dyes available make for very exciting dress up games.

There are plenty of temporary dyes out there that wash out of your hair after a week or perhaps 6 weeks. I might have even tried to use one back in middle school, but it didn’t work. Dress up games are all about changing your persona and trying something new. Changing your hair color can be just as dramatic as changing your hair style. Being true to your inner you is a bold choice if it means dying your hair a wild color, but even if you do, you always have the option to revert back to your original color by letting it wash out with temporary dyes at least.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

High Heels and Dress Up Games

One of the most entertaining things about dress up games is how easily you can enjoy the things you don’t normally get to wear. I have plenty of high heeled shoes, but I almost never get to wear them. I have a job that requires me to stand most of the day and wearing high heels puts a lot of strain on my feet – not great for someone who likes to be comfortable. What this means though is that the beautiful heels in my closet almost never get worn – unless it’s time for a dress up game.

Dress up games let you experiment with different looks and styles, and I always believe the best time to start these sorts of games is in your own closet. Look through your closet for clothing that is comfortable and fits well. Wearing something that looks stylish and comfortable makes you feel great, and often that outfit looks even better with a sexy pair of high heel shoes. Fortunately, I enjoy playing with the high heels at home with my dress up games since I rarely have a chance to wear them anywhere fun.  

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dress Up Games and Lipstick

What is it about lipstick that makes it seem to grown up. Once upon a time when I was a little girl playing dress up games, lipstick was the defining make up item to wear to show that you were polished and dressed up. In fact, there are more than a few women out there who consider lipstick to be the number one essential item to wear when they rush out the door. Lips are noticeable and a bright lipstick or lip gloss is certainly noticeable. Perhaps this is why lipstick is such an integral part of dress up games.

When you’re playing dress up games, often the goal is to look grown up and mature. After all there are very few young girls who are dressing up like their baby sister when a hip teen sister is available to duplicate. Dress up games let you become whomever you like, and wearing lipstick is a key way to feel and presumably look a bit older. Does lipstick make a four year old look older? Not likely, but it is a fun way to let her express herself.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dress Up Games and Weight

Too often we let weight stop us from really enjoying ourselves with dress up games. It’s a shame really that so many people in the world seem to be dieting all the time and waiting to enjoy themselves when they reach some magical number on the scale. It would be far better to let the scale dictate your health alone as you try to reach a healthier weight for your body, but in the meantime, don’t let you personal style suffer as you lose a few pounds.

Even if you’re dropping sizes like rocks, you can still play dress up games. In fact, you’ll have more opportunities to play dress up games than the rest of us. When you shop, look for standard outfits that are interchangeable with other outfits. For example, a new pair of black pants and coordinating top can be swapped out with the black skirt and button-down shirt. When your look is all pulled together, you’ll have a closet with enough clothes to have fun and look great in without a huge investment since, hopefully, you’ll be out in the stores again soon for the next size down.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Dress Up Games and Your Smile

It doesn’t matter how wonderful you look as you play dress up games if you don’t take some time to perfect your smile. Consider the models on the runway – they look wonderful in their couture clothing, but they also seem to lack a bit of personality. This is intentional of course since they are supposed to the human equivalent of coat hangers, but dress up games can be so much more rewarding if you’re let a bit of personality shine through.

To practice your smile, you’ll need to log some serious mirror time. Start with a big grin for the camera and note what you like about your smile and what you don’t. Some girls look great with a big cheeky grin and others like the mystery of the sly, side smile. If you don’t like your teeth consider some tooth whitening kits or find a sultry, winning smile that doesn’t show your teeth. Instead you can focus on making meaningful gazes with your smile or perhaps a slow wink to really infuse your grin with a bit of personality.