Monday, July 25, 2011

Dress Up Games for Back to School

It’s almost time to head back to school, but before I walk into the building for the first time, I need to do a serious revamp of my wardrobe. There are so many clothing items in my closet I don’t wear or don’t even like anymore that it’s rather ridiculous. Fortunately, I have a bit of time and budget left this month to make it work. It looks like I’ll be playing some great dress up games to get ready for back to school!

Every year before I head back to school, I like to dig through my closet to find the favorites from the year before. Then I try everything on. After all, my summer diet isn’t as great as my school year one and things tend to fit me differently in the beginning of the year than they did last spring. In some cases, I have to put them on a shelf and take a week or two exercising and cutting some calories to make them fit correctly again. Once I have a good idea of what I already have in the closet, I’m out at the stores finding new outfits and enjoying my dress up games even more! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dress Up Games and Summer

The summer months are the best time of the year to really dig into your closet to play some dress up games. The games can be as simple as pulling everything out of you closet and trying it one, the same way you would if you were going to the mall and trying on clothing in the mall. The more clothing you try on, the better your own grasp of your style should be. Take breaks as needed so that you don’t get too bleary.

As you’re trying on the clothing, make a pile of things that don’t fit or that aren’t very attractive on your body. There are very different body types and not everything looks good on everyone. Find the clothing that really looks great on you and stick with that in your closet. Anything that doesn’t look great can go – after all, why would you want clothing that doesn’t fit correctly or that looks odd on? It’s far better to have a small wardrobe that looks great than one that is large and hard to even sort through because you hate everything in it.