Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dress Up Games and Winter Weight

Some of us gain weight every winter like clockwork. The rich food comes out and the yummy baking starts in earnest. Put the baking and cool weather together and you have too many calories, dark nights and a perfect chance to settle in without an adequate amount of exercise to burn it all off again. Unfortunately, this translates nicely to an extra five or ten pounds to carry around during the winter months. Fortunately, the winter months are great at providing the perfect wardrobe to help hide those pounds.

This year though I’d offer a challenge. Use the layers and bulky clothing as an opportunity to actually lose some weight. You’ll need to get outside and burn off some calories and you might have to eat a bit less of the yummy pies and cookies, but really this is the best time to lose weight. There’s almost no pressure and your body won’t be up for public scrutiny. At the end of the winter months, you can don your first sun dress or pair of shorts on a new, slimmer body and surprise all of your friends – isn’t that worth the extra piece of pie? I thought so.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Dress Up Games

The fall is a great time for dress up games. In the fall, the weather turns cooler and the cold weather gives you a chance to pull out all of your favorite winter clothing without actually having to worry much about bundling up in a huge jacket or under unflattering caps. The fall is like a winter fashion preview – the weather is cool enough to pull off some sweaters and light jackets, but not heavy enough for snow boots or a parka. The fall fashions are also so comfortable and easy to wear, the fall dress up games are a hit every year around this time.

The minute the thermometer dips below eighty as a high temperature, the sweaters come out and the cords and jeans appear. Tuck on some fuzzy boots and a few layered long sleeve shirts and you’re ready for the evening football game or just a night out with friends. The layers and slightly bulkier clothing makes it easy to relax in your clothing without worrying about every detail of your appearance. Your hair can be worn down without it sticking to your neck and your make up won’t melt off. The cool days of fall are absolutely a win-win for everyone.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dress Up Games and Losing Weight

My favorite dress up games are the ones you play when you’re losing weight. I’ve been a bit over my normal weight limit for years and thanks to my fluctuating weight, I have a rather wide selection of wardrobes. I actually have four different wardrobes in totally different sizes. Now, though, I’m working on losing that weight and the inches are starting to drop. For me, that means it’s time for some dress up games!

These dress up games require a simple criteria – if it’s too big it gets tossed out. I don’t normally throw clothing away unless it’s tattered or gross, I prefer to give it away to others who need it. I start by pulling on all of my pants. The ones that are too loose and slide down my now-narrower hips go into the pile. Shirts that droop across my chest or have handfuls of extra material go into the pile, too. What’s left is pieced together into new outfits I can wear. The most exciting part of these games is when I get to open the boxes of clothing one size smaller up in the attic. When that happens, the dress up games start anew in a great, rewarding way.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dress Up Games and Make Up

I don’t wear a lot of make up and lately I’ve discovered that I’m not exactly alone in this. When I was younger, make up was very much a part of my dress up games, but now, I like to play the dress up games with a more natural look. Since most of my clothing is comfortable and casual, while still being mostly stylish, I feel a bit over done when I put on a full face of make up. I’d much rather swipe on some mascara and lip gloss and hit the road, so my dress up games reflect this.

When I was younger, I had a great time playing dress up games in my closet. I’d pull out outfits to try on and see what I could find that made up new, fun outfits. When I had an outfit I liked, I did my hair and put on my full face. If a friend and I were playing together, we might even take pictures of each other in a model like way to show off the look. Today I still like pulling on new outfits and digging through my closet. What I don’t like is thinking that a full face of make up is critical to the dress up game’s success.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dress Up Games at School

I have a lot of fun with dress up games, and I especially like playing them at school when I can. School is the perfect audience for dress up games, after all, where else does everyone pay attention to everything you do? I love school because it’s such a nice play to express yourself. Sometimes I’m frustrated because I can’t do anything I like on a whim thanks to little things like dress code and blasting air conditioning, but within reason, I can try out all of the new looks I create with dress up games.

I play dress up games online to help me get some ideas for new looks, and then I head to the closet to see what sort of looks I can piece together from the items I already have. If I’m missing a crucial element for an outfit, I might head to the mall to go and find it the next time that I can. Other times I call a friend to see if she has anything available that I can wear with a particular look I’m going for, but the combination of the shopping and the sorting are the fun of the dress up games – and I certainly have a lot of fun with them.