Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dress Up Games and Style

It’s amazing what a simple game can do for your sense of style. When you play dress up games, you’re experimenting with fashion in more than a few different ways. Playing dress up games lets you delve into fashion much more than you might be able to otherwise. Even going to the mall and playing with the new fashions and styles doesn’t give you as much input as you can get from just an hour playing dress up games.

Here’s why.

When you try on clothing yourself, you’re confined to the number of clothes in the store, which is many, but you’re also confined by your energy level. How many clothing items can you actually wear in the course of a single trip? Probably not that many. It’s far easier to put together twenty great outfits working online than it is working in real life. And that gives you a much greater experience for mixing and matching than the three styles you might put together in the stores. Overall, you’ll learn more, you’ll become more confident in your abilities and you’ll be ready to really try new things.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dress Up Games and Repetition

Most of the time, when faced with a repetitious task, I want to poke a pencil into my eye. Not really, but you know what I mean. With dress up games, however, although they are repetitive, they are still just plain fun. To play the dress up games, you’ll start with a doll base. Take that base and put on some hair and some clothing until you have a doll dressed up just the way you like her.

Then, when you’re done designing your first doll, save her, print her or ditch her and do it again. After the first doll, you simply create another one. And then another one. And then one more. And even though it’s the same thing over and over again, it doesn’t get old. Why? Because it’s a test of creativity rather than persistence. Unlike math problem, I’m designing dolls for fun and that makes it enjoyable to keep trying new patterns and styles. At the end of the game, or when I have to move on to do some of those icky math problems, I’m relaxed and proud of my many creations, and that’s certainly the best part.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dress Up: Simple Fun

Easily one of the most entertaining games around, dress up games are enjoyable for simple reasons. They are fun and they are easily to play. That doesn’t mean they won’t catch your attention and make you want to keep on playing for hours, but they are relatively easy to play. With dress up games, there aren’t any real rules. You are given a doll base and then you have to select hairstyles, clothing and accessories for the doll. At the end of the game, you’ve created a fashion plate that is most impressive.

Then, you get to do it all again. There aren’t any levels you have to pass and the game works the same way each time. The only thing that changes is how you approach the challenge. Are you going to pick a formal or a casual outfit this time? Will you plan ahead for the next outfit while you finish this one? Is there a story behind this or are you looking for fashion ideas of your own by dressing the dolls online? It’s always an adventure when you play the dress up games and it’s always fun to keep creating truly amazing styles.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Three More Reasons to Love Dress Up Games

To continue the previous list, I have a few more reasons I love dress up games as much as I do.

Dress up games keep me looking great. We all fall into ruts and grooves when it comes to fashion. But by playing dress up games online or in the shops, I’m able to see what looks good on me and how to wear the styles best to suit my personal taste and look.

Dress up games are terrific for bonding. Want to hang out with your mother, sister or girlfriend? Simply take them to the stores and start shopping together. As you each pull out outfits to try on and show off, you’ll realize just how much fun you’re having together. Offer each other advice and laugh over some of the most outrageous clothing styles and you’ll have one of the best days of the year.

Dress up games inspire me. It’s a small thing really, but playing dress up games gives me ideas of other ways I can use my talents and creativity. I love to create things and dress up games are a wonderful jumping off place for that.  

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Three Reasons to Love Dress Up Games

By now it’s no secret that I love dress up games. Getting into new fashions and trying on new styles is great fun for me. Here’s why:

Dress up games introduce me to new styles. When you are constantly trying on what’s new in the stores, you’re able to see what looks great and how it all blends beautifully together. I love it.

Dress up games encourage creativity. There just isn’t enough creativity in my life. I love to challenge myself to create new things and I don’t always inspire myself with brilliance when I am putting together my math homework. But with dress up games, I can actually create something meaningful and enjoyable – a rare feat.

Dress up games are fun. If you look at your life and everything you’ve done in the last few days, how many of those things would you actually describe as being fun? Do you realistically love what you do most of the time? Why not break out a dress up game and actually have fun for a bit?