Monday, November 26, 2012

Dress Up Games and Winter Months

In the winter months your dress up games get to go up a notch. You get to enjoy the concept of layers during this time, which is especially fun for those of us who may not look our very best in filmy shirts and short shorts. With layers you can structure a look that works with our best features and hides those features that we don’t consider quite as flattering.

For example, the winter months are a great time to include jackets in your dress up games. If you pair jeans with a thin shirt or sweater, you can toss on a blazer or jacket and then enjoy the warmth of those layers all day long. Pull on your tall boots over the skinny jeans and you’re in business. By simply buying a handful of structured blazers and a couple pairs of tall, sexy boots you can create dress up games that are easy to pull on in the mornings and even easier to pair up for fresh dress up games all season long.

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Wonderful World of Dress Up Games

Dress up games are wonderful for so many reasons, but the best feature of the dress up games is the ability to change not only your personal style, but your preferences for how you appear as well. You can change your entire personality through dress up games – it’s much simpler than you might imagine. To make an entirely new you, all you have to do is decide to create a new hairstyle or clothing look. Imagine how different you’d look if you suddenly showed up in a mini skirt with chunky streaks of color in your hair – it would be a totally new you!

Dress up games are like that. Make an appointment in a spa or salon and then you’re able to transform yourself with a few hours of beauty treatments, a bit of hair coloring and then some new clothing. You want to look great, so why not invest some time and energy into making sure that you absolutely do present the most attractive picture possible to others?