Tuesday, December 28, 2010

When Dress Up Games Grow Up

It’s safe to say that we all loved dress up games growing up. The dress up games out there for us were simple. We had Mom and Dad’s old clothing piled up in a box and maybe, if we were lucky, we had some princess dresses created just for us – maybe even Halloween costumes to enjoy. When we played dress up, the clothing became costumes and we were transported into a new universe of fun and fashion. We did fashion shows and put on plays in costume. We became super heroes and princesses. We absolutely loved dress up games.

Of course, like most things from childhood, we weren’t able to play the dress up games as much as we grew older. Things changed and we were forced to stop dressing up in mom’s old clothes and the princess roles weren’t as exciting any more. But really, we’d all love to get back into a pink sparkly dress and play princess with that air of innocence again. Fortunately we can. Dress up games online give you a chance to play with fashions and designs in any number of fantasy settings. You can see how much there is to enjoy with the games without ever having to leave your desk. And the pink dresses always fit online!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dress Up Games and Holiday Parties

What better time to play dress up games than at a holiday party? At the holiday parties, everyone is looking their finest, even if they are just wearing casual clothing. When you attend a party, you usually spend some time ahead of the event planning out your wardrobe and your overall look. Then you spend plenty of time getting ready. You want to look your best which usually means you’re wearing some new clothing and have your hair and make-up just right.

For all intents and purposes these are dress up games. The entire event is in fact a giant dress up game. Picking out the right fashions and then getting them to look just right on you is all part of the game. Add in the hairstyle and make up, and you’re getting the whole packages. Of course, holiday parties are hugely fun for everyone invited and involved. These parties are a chance to get together and share the joy of the seasons. They are just another great opportunity to share the fashions of the seasons as well.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dress Up Games and the Holidays

The holidays are a great time for dress up games. When you start thinking of the huge number of dress up games available, it’s not hard to find ways to play:

Online dress up games. Kids are home for winter break over the holidays and the Christmas dress up games are significant part of filling that spare time if you’re into that sort of thing. Pull up some of the dress up games on the computer and you can spend hours working on those and enjoying your sense of fashion.

Dress up games and gifts. Dress up games make great gifts for the holidays as well. Think of the dress up activities that go under the Christmas tree. Fashion dolls and new clothing alone makes up almost half of the items that you can find under the tree. New games that involve fashion as well as gift cards that will be used to enjoy dress up games in a store are all great examples of holiday dress up games as well.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dress Up Games – Winter Fun

If you’re going out in the winter, you need to be ready for the cold, and ready for the wind. It’s one thing to dress warmly, and it can be a totally different plan to dress for the wind that comes with it. When you’re preparing for winter dress up games, you always need to start with layers. The thinner your layers are, the more easily you can move around while still looking great.

Pull on a pair of silk thermal underwear – it’s the thinnest and slinkiest for the dress up games. Then slide on some pants. If you have jeans, they will do, but lined jeans or pants with a thicker weave than demin are probably better choices. Jeans let a lot of wind through. Your core should have the most protection. Wear your thermal shirt topped with a long-sleeved shirt and then a sweater. A coat goes on top of it all before you slide on gloves and a hat. It can be a lot to wear, but it’s worth it to look great and feel warm all season long.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Country Dress Up Games

Everyone loves a good looking cowboy, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t come dressed as his good looking cow girl. The trick to playing country dress up games is to not try too hard. The authentic country folks can tell a phony from a mile away, so you’ll need to do a fair approximation without overstepping your limits. This gives you a few options for outfits, but easily my favorite is the simple dress, boots and a hat.

Jeans seem like the best thing you could wear if you’re going to play cowgirl, and you can wear jeans and look great. You can also wear something far less complicated and perhaps more flattering for your dress up games. Start with a dress that skims the body or a shorter denim skirt. It should be young and perhaps a bit frayed and patched. Pair it with a cute shirt and then slip on some boots if you have them or regular going-out shoes if you don’t. The final accessory is something like a black or cream hat. Adding the hat just adds the right amount of country to the dress up games.