Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dress Up Games Gone Bad

Have you every had a dress up game go bad? The situation is easy to picture – you and a friend are playing in your closet with all of your clothes and some that she’s brought over to share. You pull things together and think you look pretty decent when your friend starts to laugh.

You ask her what she thinks is so funny, and she responds with something clever about your abilities to accessorize or your style. While you might not think this is funny, having someone make fun of you when you’re trying to have a good time, especially a good friend is just one way to ruin a fun dress up game.

If this were to happen to you, you should control your temper, and then point out to your friend that she’s being rude. It’s naturally to feel hurt and defensive, but the only way to save the dress up game fun is to bridge the gap and make up. Remind her that the point of the game is to try new things and ask what she doesn’t like about your outfit.

Then tell her what you do like and work on finding an outfit together that you can both agree looks great.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dress Up Games: Dress Like a Vampire

It’s Twilight time and the best way to see the movie is to dress the part. That means you need to play your own version of dress up games and don your Vampire look. Of course, Twilight vampires look a bit different than what you might see in old Transylvania movies.

Hair – Your hair can stay as it normally is, but be sure it is styled properly. The Cullens always looked well put together after all.

Skin – Use your concealer and light base to make your face as light as possible. Extremely fair skin is the order of the day.

Eyes – When a Twilight vampire was hungry, his eyes glowed bright red, but when sated with animal blood, the eyes turned amber or a golden color. Contacts would be the only way to get this look.

Makeup – your makeup should be done carefully to make yourself as beautiful and cold as possible. Vampires are beautiful to the point of perfection, so there shouldn’t be a hair out of place or a lipstick smudge in sight.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Three Reasons We Love Winter Dress Up Games

Ah, winter – the snow, the cold weather, the fabulous boots. Winter dress up games are especially fun, and we truly love them for a few different reasons.

Winter Fashion Involves So Many Clothing Items
In the winter, to get dressed, you have to wear many more layers and accessories than you do in the summer months. This means that you have a lot more stuff to pull together. Coordinating scarves, hats, bags, jewelry, layering pieces and funky shoes and bottoms challenges the mind and the creative genius.

Winter Dress Up Games Involve Boots
It’s no secret that girls love boots. Slouch boots, fleece boots, slipper boots, boots with shorts, boots with skirts, boots with skinny jeans – we love them all. Nothing has more boots to play with than dress up games, because unlike department stores, you can try on as many fabulous styles as you like.

Winter Hotness if Challenging
To be hot in the summer time, you must bare a bit of skin, throw on a cute pair of shorts and head out to the beach. To be hot in the winter, you must find other ways to flatter your figure, or that of an online dress up games doll, and that is much more fun. A good pair of jeans and a well-fitted sweater is a start, but would a long skirt be a better choice? There is only one way to find out!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dress Up Games Will Get You Through

Any student will tell you that the worst times of the school year are the weeks before Christmas vacation and the weeks before summer. With Thanksgiving just around the corner and Christmas coming soon after, you would think that we’d be in the home stretch, but the opposite is true. These weeks drag on and on, and it takes a mighty power of distraction to make it tolerable.

Dress Up Games and Distraction
We love dress up games throughout the year, but they are especially fun during this horrible transition and wait. Rather than dwelling on how many days are left and what semester exams you still need to study for, it is far better to hop online and practice your fashion skills playing dress up games.

The most enjoyable part of dress up games is there are literally so many to choose from. You can play one type of dress up game on afternoon and another type immediately thereafter. There are enough games to give you something new every day without any overlap. And having something new to do online at least will make it possible to listen to your teachers drone on and on for a few more weeks at least.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dress Up Games: Try Out New Looks

One of the best, most informative dress up games out there is to try out different looks – particularly in school. In any given school setting you’ll find a wide range of fashions. You have the goths, the emos, the punks, the preps, the jocks and so on. It’s also very likely that you’ve settled into a fashion role based on your friends and what feels most comfortable to you.

To really try out everything you can in high school, though, you should include different styles – literally. Build a small wardrobe for each of the major styles you want to try. You might warn your friends in advance about your experiment as they might think you are ditching them for a new crowd.

Gather your wardrobe together and actually dress fully in a style for a week. The first week might be goth with long sleeves, long dark skirts, ruffles and romance. The next week is punk with tight pants, heavy boots, and a bit of leather thrown in for good luck. Keep trying on styles until you find one that you really like. Although if you’re like most people willing to play with style, you’ll soon learn that you like elements of each and your look will become totally eclectic. Then it will be solely your own style that doesn’t need a label.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dress Up Games: Dress Like a Super Star

The best kind of dress up game is the one that lasts the longest. The dress up game that helps you discover who you want to be and what style you want to have going forward. And the easiest way to describe your new style is that of a super star.

And just how does a superstar dress? That depends. There are some superstars who wear designer suits every day along with fabulous accessories. There are others who wear urban trendy gear, mostly athletic along with brand name athletic shoes. Still others opt for high fashion with boots, skirts, dresses and trousers in the hottest styles.

For you to dress like a super star, you need to find the look that you love best. You might look great in a suit, but that’s not the best way to dress every day for high school. You might love the way a track suit feels, but you can’t wear it to the office. Find the balance between what’s appropriate and what makes you feel great. Then you simply build a wardrobe over time using that style as a guideline.

Once you have your look and start building a full wardrobe, you’ll look and feel fabulous.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

When You Don’t Like Dress Up Games Anymore

There might very well come a time in your young life that you don’t really like dress up games anymore. When this happens, you can rest assured that your situation isn’t unusual. It’s simply the reaction to overload in other parts of your life.

For example, if you used to love to come online and play dress up games for a bit before dinner is ready, you would still be doing that or another version of the dress up games if nothing had changed. But life is full of surprises and it’s very likely indeed that something has changed – perhaps you’ve starting dating a new boy or found a new group of friends.

Whatever the case, when your free time is compromised by others, it’s only natural to pull away from dress up games for a time. But when things get calmer, you can still find a minute to go online and see if the old flame can be rekindled. If so, terrific – you are likely a dress up game player forever. But if you sit down to play and still just aren’t interested in what dress up games have to offer, search around for another style of game to play such as cooking games or flash games. These are done differently than dress up games.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Reason #23 to Love Dress Up Games

Okay, I haven’t officially be keeping count, but if I were to guess, I figure I’ve listed at least twenty-two different reasons to love dress up games. So in the spirit of approximation, I’m now going to give you the twenty-third reason you should absolutely adore dress up games.

Dress Up Games Make You a Better Dresser

If you stop to look at the actual clothing that makes up the collections on dress up games, they are the same styles of clothing you’d find in your closet or local stores. So when you play dress up games, you can see how clothing should go together as well as the funky and outrageoud outfits you can make by pairing up different things and adding few accessories.

In real life, there is a direct translation from what you did on the computer to what you can do in real life. If, online, you were terrific at pulling together outfits and finding just the right accessory, you can do it in your personal life as well. Simply shop for the same basics used in the online games and then play dress up games, only this time use your own clothes and a bedroom mirror to get a full view.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Best Things about Dress Up Games Dress up games need no defense, and they certainly aren’t hurtig for praise or fans. But there is a good reason

Dress up games need no defense, and they certainly aren’t hurting for praise or fans. But there is a good reason millions of people love to go online and play dress up games – in fact, one group might enjoy the dress up games for a very different reason than another group. The games are varied, the fans are a broad sampling of young society, and the reasons for heading online are just as mixed.

Dress up games allow fashion exploration. If you want to play with fashion and even become your own fashion designer some day, dress up games are the ideal way to practice and, of course, play with different styles as you create your own designs.

Dress up games teach us skills. Some people are born knowing how to dress. The rest of us have to work on it. Dress up games can teach us very critical skills in a fun and easy way.

Dress up games are different. There are thousands of games online, but there are very few games like dress up games. They are different, and when you’re ready to take a break from all the animation and sound effects, an intense round of dress up games is just the thing.