Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dress Up Games for Easter

Easter is coming up fast, although it seemed to take forever to get here. Now that it’s almost Easter it’s time to think about dress up games for this fun holiday – in particular, the Easter dresses. Easter is a time to celebrate a religious holiday if you’re Christian or a fun, American holiday if you’re not. The hiding of the Easter eggs is a fun tradition regardless of religion, and a holiday like this where families get together to have fun, and possibly go to church together, deserves a new outfit.

When you’re playing dress up games for Easter, you should always remember first that your outfit should reflect your own proper style. Easter isn’t a time for short or low cut items. Classy should be the name of the game. Use pastel or lighter colors to come up with the perfect outfit to wear and if you can, you might even consider a hat or something extra fun to liven things up for the morning and afternoon.  

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Online Dress Up Games

Online dress up games are special because they bring so many good things together at one time. Think about how much we love to look at fashions and then how much we loved creating our own fashionable looks with our little dress up dolls once upon a time. With online dress up games, you can bring that magic back very easily indeed. The online dress up games are essentially fashion plates complete with new looks you get to play with.

The online dress up games include a blank body template and hundreds of clothing items usually, although the smaller games can have fewer clothing items to work with. To play, you pick out clothing items you’d like for your dress up game to include. When you pick out a pair of pants, for example, you drag and drop that item over to the doll and put it on her body correctly. Once all fo the clothing items are on, you have a great looking new fashion plate.  

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dress Up Games and Shoes

It’s amazing to me how much shoes can really change an outfit. I recently discovered that you don’t have to actually go and try on shoes when you need some new ones. I actually ordered the shoes online because it was fun for me, and because I was able to play dress up games without having to do the endless search around the mall and other nearby stores for a great deal on shoes that I actually like.

On a shoe website, I was able to search by the size I actually wore and then again by color or style. I sorted and narrowed down my choices until I had the perfect shoes in my sights. I went in for new white tennis shoes, but I left the dress up games shoe site with three new pairs of shoes, one of which I’m wearing today and the others that look good in my closet, even if they aren’t going to be worn every day.