Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My New Favorite Dress Up Game

I have a new favorite dress up game. In the wide world of princess dress up games, I now have a thing for Princess Tiana. Of course she’s not much of a princess in the beginning of the movie, but a case of mistaken identity is perfect for dress up games. Not only does Tiana have some truly beautiful clothing in the movie, she’s also a very strong female character. Even when her mother encourages her to find her own “Prince Charming” and settle down in happiness, Tiana all but rolls her eyes and keeps on planning her restaurant dream.

She’s humble enough to be likable but tough enough to have everything together and really going for her. She’s not spoiled, she’s actually the only one in the latest Disney flick that works hard for what she wants without cutting corners or creating drama of any kind. It’s refreshing. It makes me wonder if there are already Tiana costumes out and available to buy for little girls. I’m feeling a need to buy one for my niece who will most definitely grow up to be a strong little girl.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dress Up Games and Princesses

I have a thing about little girls playing dress up. When I buy a cute costume for a niece or the daughter of a friend, there are only a few of the token princesses that I will consider. After all, have you ever considered how many of the princesses that are included in dress up games are weak and overly willful? They require assistance from everyone and can’t seem to get things taken care of themselves. The favorite princesses – Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel are the worst – one needed seven men to support her, another waited for a prince to rescue her because she couldn’t contain her curiosity and another gave up her identity for a man. Don’t get me started on Cinderella and her dependence on a fairy godmother and mice.

Of the princesses, I have a handful I like and can readily respect. Belle, the fearless girl who took on an unworthy suitor, rescued her father and learns to love a man for his spirit not his looks is okay in my book. Likewise I encourage dress up games for Mulan and Jasmine. Mulan is a tough girl who goes to war in her father’s place although she is not technically a princess. Princess Jasmine keeps a pet tiger and bullies around Aladdin, her father and his trusted advisor more than a few times. Those are dress up games I can get on board with.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dressing Up Again with Dress Up Games

Often we fall into a rut of style, even if we’re not trying to. I’ll admit that I was once a bit concerned with fashion and appearances. I wanted to look nice and I worked hard to put on a good, stylish look every morning. My hair was styled, my make up was on and my outfit was carefully planned. Yet as I grew older, I seemed to leave that careful attention to detail behind when I created a new look for myself – one that’s just a wee bit sloppy.

I don’t really care to look sloppy, but somehow it just happened. The hair went up and the make-up went away. The clothes got more practical than stylish and I just stayed there. Now I’m thinking more and more that I should use dress up games to find my way back into a stylish me. If I was once attractive and pulled together, how challenging can it be to get back to that point. My hope is that it won’t be a huge problem, especially if I start with one small piece at a time. After all, we should always work to put our best face forward.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Dress Up Games and Shoes

Of all the aspects in dress up games, I think shoes are the most overlooked. After all, shoes are very much a part of a n outfit and having the right shoes can make or break a look. In fact, having a variety of shoes can change a look without having to do much other than slip out of one pair and into another. Consider the transition from a work look to an evening one. You leave the office in low heels and a cardigan over your black pants.

Once you’re in the safety of your car, you ditch the sweater to let the tube top show off your shoulders and apply a bit of body glitter to be sure you’re shining properly. Then you toss those boring office shoes in the back and pull out the glittering stilettos. Even if your feet are a bit tired from standing all day, pulling on some stilettos that showcase your adorably painted toenails and slender ankles can make you feel glamorous again. If a pair of shoes can do that, think of great it will feel to take a single pair of jeans or a dress and change it with shoes as well.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Loving Dress Up Games

It’s safe to say that I am not the only person out there who loves dress up games. The games are brilliant and there wouldn’t be millions of them if there weren’t millions of girls who enjoy them. Playing dress up games is a simple enough task online, but it can consume hours of your otherwise boring day helping you fine tune your fashion sense and getting a better feel for who you are and what sorts of styles you like.

If you haven’t tried dress up games online previously, you’ll start with a doll base who is missing most of her clothing. You’ll be in charge of picking out a hairstyle for her and getting her dressed. Go through the wide range of hairstyles and then dig through literally hundreds of clothing items available in the virtual wardrobe for her to wear. The end result is a doll ready to join a fashion show presumably wearing something you’ve designed and love. The games can give you a foundation for picking your own fashions or they can just be a fun way to express your more artistic nature.