Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Top Three Dress Up Games

I love dress up games. I love them at home, in the stores and online. When I play dress up games online, I especially like the games that have an element of fantasy to them. These whimsical dress up games are among my top choices.

Fairy Dress Up Games – Who wouldn’t want to be a fairy? Designing a fairy with wings and a bit of mirth in her expression is terrific fun. I love the rustic and pretty outfits as well. Easily the best part of the fairy dress up games is making up a story as you play that goes right along with the character you’re creating.

Pixie Dress Up Games – Often misunderstood, pixies are much like fairies, but generally they don’t have wings. Someone didn’t tell Tinkerbelle, however. But regardless, pixie dress up games are just as much fun as fairy dress up games for the same reasons – rustic yet beautiful clothing, interesting characters and fun backgrounds.

Witch Dress Up Games – The best part of Halloween can be fun all year long when you play witch dress up games. Witch dress up games let you design your witch – be she good or bad.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dress Up Games and Back to School

Although school has only been out a month, it’s already time to start considering going back to school for the new year. This is also the best time to consider playing dress up games with your own closet full of clothes. Pulling out all of your clothing to see what items still fit and which ones are in need of tossing is a basic activity everyone should try before school starts up.

When you are getting ready to go through your clothing be sure you have a paper and pen nearby to make a list. Your goal is to jot down everything basic you need to throw out. If you toss out almost all of your jeans because they are too short this year, be sure you write that down so that you can replenish your denim stock when you’re at the stores.

Once you have your closet sorted according to what you plan to wear in the coming school year, you can move on to the truly exciting dress up games. Take yourself to the mall or to your favorite store. Start pulling together new outfits that you really get excited about. Be sure to replenish your basic items, too including tees, denim and basic pants and tops. But the true fun of dress up games comes from finding styles that are hot that year and learning to wear them like a pro.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Characteristics of Dress Up Games

Dress up games are something truly universal to girls playing games online. Playing dress up games online is simple to do, and the characteristics of a dress up game online aren’t much different than those of a game played in your playroom.

Dress up games foster creativity. When you play dress up games, you’re helping to stimulate your mind and use up a new form of creativity. Playing dress up games is a certain kind of challenge to the mind – one that is continually building. When you are presented with a challenge, the goal is to overcome it. As you continue to challenge yourself with the same sort of situation, you’ll soon realize that you’re growing increasingly creative to find the right kinds of solutions.

Dress up games are social. It might seem like a solo activity to sit down at your computer and pull together fabulous outfits for the dolls you find online, but in truth, dress up games are social. Playing dress up games online often brings you into forums and discussion boards about the games at hand. When you create a doll to enter into a contest or use your forum to get ideas about future dolls to design, you’re experiencing the true community feel of the dress up games.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dress Up Games with Babies

I think mothers of babies are tremendously lucky if they can afford to play dress up games with their little ones. Playing dress up games with babies can be very expensive, however. If you haven’t recently purchased baby clothing, you might be surprised at how much the tiny little dresses and shoes can cost. Of course, when you’re a parent, it’s easy to spare no expense for the benefit of your little angel.

Those of us who are not parents, big sisters or aunts, we have to play by a very different set of rules. We can’t just borrow someone’s baby, and playing with a doll just isn’t as interesting. Instead, I prefer to play dress up games online. Playing dress up games online, I have the option of playing any sort of dress up games I prefer. This might even include baby dress up games.

But playing baby dress up games online is just a temporary fix. Eventually I’ll have to simply have my own baby, and for as long as she’ll let me, I’ll play more than a few dress up games of my own. I will certainly have the more fashionable, beautiful baby around.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Dress Up Box

Growing up we played all kinds of dress up games. My mother was a big fan of dress up games, and since this was before internet, we played dress up games the old fashioned way. My mother made a box of her old clothing and interesting pieces she picked up along the way. The box was called the Dress Up Box and if you were ever in need of a tie to make a pirate eye patch or a long gown to wear in a fashion show, you could find it in the Dress Up Box.

Playing dress up games in my youth took on epic proportions. We would require all visitors to dress up. This included cousins and babysitters. As elementary-age students, it was always particularly impressive when a dress fit someone, like a babysitter for example. We had always assumed that the dress up clothes were much too big to ever fit anyone correctly.

Eventually the items in the dress up box got lost, cut up or throw away. The box disappeared, but the spirit of the game remains. To this day, I like to dig in my closet, pull out the more interesting pieces I have in there and see how they look when I try everything on. It’s like a game I play with my own sense of style and fashion sense.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dress Up Games for One

Even those of us who love other people around want to have peace and quiet sometimes. When the urge strikes to just throw on some pajamas and kick back, consider some dress up games. You don’t even have to ditch the pajamas to play with some of the most powerful fashions out there today.

Dress up games online incorporate fashion from today, yesterday and everywhere in between. To play these games, you’ll select a doll base from the huge number of available games. You can then play with the hundreds of clothing items to make a great outfit. Pair things up you would be hesitant to try in real life just to see what happens.

When you find a look you like, why not save it or print it out to have for future games or for future shopping trips. Of course, if you just can’t stand so much solitude, you can also send the image to a friend and wait for her creation to come right back to you. Send pretty girls back and forth all night to see who has the better sense of style – or the worst!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dress Up Games and Growing Up

It might seem that growing up should put a stop to childish games. Fortunately, dress up games aren’t childish. That doesn’t mean that you’ll play dress up games in the same way once you reach a certain maturity, but they certainly don’t have to stop completely. In fact, I think playing dress up games with your own wardrobe and with games online are a great way to stay current and even stay young. After all, who wouldn’t want to look great at any age?

Dress up games are simply enough. You go through your closet or the clothing racks of a store and try things on. You make new outfits, you try some interesting accessories and you just see how it all works. If you don’t have the time or inclination to play with the hundreds of clothes in your closet, you can also play dress up games online.

When you play dress up games online, you’ll be selecting a doll base and then working through hundreds of her clothing options to find the right outfits for whatever sort of event or reason you’ve considered. Dress a doll up for a dance just as easily as you’d dress her up for espionage work. Flex your creative muscle and have a great time doing it.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Playing Dress Up Games at Home

You have two different ways to play dress up games at home. The first is simple – head online and try on a few different outfits and clothing styles. Choose a doll base on any of the thousands of dress up games and make her look great in any style you like by combining pants, tops and accessories. Playing dress up games online is quick and easy and you can play at any time. The best part of these sorts of dress up games is how convenient they are.

The other way to play dress up games online is even simpler. Head to your closet and pull out everything. Put it all on your bed and start trying things on. By pulling out everything, you’ll be finding clothing you forgot you had. There are outfits just crying out for attention in your closet and as you pull them on and start mixing and matching, you’ll likely expand your wardrobe option exponentially.

When you play this sort of dress up game, you’ll want to find a long mirror so that you can check out the final results with each outfit. Try things on with the proper underwear so you can really see what still fits, what’s gotten too small or too large and what looks best on you. As you play dress up games with your complete wardrobe, you can also drop the ones you no longer want or wear into a pile to give away to others who can make use of those discards.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You’ll Never Tire of Dress Up Games

It’s hard to get tired of dress up games. They are almost instinctive to women, and the more you play, the more inclined you are to keep on playing. I’m not just talking about online dress up games, but also the dress up games you play every morning in your closet and every weekend at the mall. The best dress up games are the ones you play when you’re getting dressed and suddenly want to see if you can create a new and different outfit than the one you usually wear.

Playing dress up games is simple. You just start with the clothing in your closet and start piecing it together to see what kinds of looks you can create. A full length mirror definitely helps as well. Pull on different combinations of pants and tops to see what comes together and what maybe isn’t so great. Look from all sides and angles to be sure your clothing is laying straight and looking fabulous.

Dress up games are fun when you’re a child and just moving into the world of fashion, but they are just as exciting as you get older and start dressing for dates and big events. As you age, you’ll be looking for killer work outfits, outfits for special occasions and outfits for going out and having fun. Playing with clothing is simply a joy at any age, especially as your style changes.