Saturday, May 31, 2008

Change Outfits, Change Yourself

Have you ever thought about trying on something besides a new outfit? When you pull on a new outfit or try out any kind of dress up game, you could be doing more than being fashionable, you might just be pulling together a new version of you.

Not that anything is wrong with the old you, but sometimes we all like a change, and dress up games are a perfect way to experiment. Dig in your closet or head to your favorite clothing stores to try out outfits that suit your mood on a given day. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and patterns, and be creative. There’s not a rule saying you can’t create a completely new look.

If you like the way you look on a daily basis, nobody can make you change, but you might also consider playing dress up games just to be sure there isn’t a more flattering look out there for you that you just don’t know about yet. Styles change and people change – be sure you and your clothing are always a good mix.

Do the clothes make the girl? Certainly not! But the right outfit can make you feel great. When you know you look good you feel confident, proud and ready to take on the world. And if all it takes is a great pair of jeans to feel inspired – imagine what a great top can do!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why Dress Up Games are the Greatest

Unless you’re a total addict of dress up games, and I mean that in a totally harmless way, you have no idea how great these things are.

Dress up games are a fun way to play with fashion and make up, and are also a rather wholesome activity that will pass approval with strict parental rules about the internet. Need more convincing? Here’s why dress up games are the greatest!

  • Dress up games are totally clean. If you have parents concerned about online sites and predators, there is very little to fear from dress up games. Let your parents check them out and then bookmark your favorites.
  • Dress up games are totally fashionable. Unlike paper dolls and even real dolls, online dress up games are released daily with the latest fashions. You can find dress up games with celebrity outfits just days after a red carpet event.
  • Dress up games are a fun way to play with fashion. If you want to design outfits for celebrities or just pick out what you want to wear to school tomorrow, dress up games are a perfect way to play and learn about what looks great together.

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Great Dress Up Game for Friends

Planning a trip to the mall with friends? Why not make it a bit more exciting than usual? There are so many great sales at the mall, you should really spice things up by seeing how much you can pull together for a relatively small amount of money.

The rules of dress up games are always up to you, but I’d suggest making the requirements for the mall dress up game the following:

  • Everyone may spend up to $40 (or any amount) purchasing a complete outfit.
  • The outfit must include tops, bottoms or a dress, accessories, shoes, and possibly even make up.
  • At the end of the shopping experiment, everyone must meet back up for ice cream or coffee to discuss, but not share their outfits.

Then, take your new outfits back to your place and everyone gets dressed one at a time. Use the camera to capture the new looks as each of your friends unveils her fantastic sense of style. Finally, if you’d like, you can vote on the best outfit, or just take a group picture together in your stylish new wardrobe.