Saturday, January 31, 2009

Starting Your Own Business

If you’re looking for a nice part-time income, you can specialize in offering dress up games to others. It’s actually pretty easy.

Have your sister invite some of her friends over for a dress up party. Then, Use your makeup, accessories and some glitter to really make the girls shine. If they are young enough, you can probably use your old dress up clothing, too to make things more fun.

Then, once you’ve practiced, let the parents of your sister’s friends know that you are available to do birthday parties and such. It’s very likely that you’ll become popular if you get along well with the little girls and they leave happy. For bigger parties, you’ll probably want to bring a friend along to help style everyone’s hair.

The flexibility and the freedom of having your own dress up business will be especially fun when you compare notes with the friends working in retail or fast food. There is nothing better than being in business for yourself.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Playing with Your Little Sister

Sometimes you have to play with your little sister – you mom tells you so. But when you’re forced into watching your little sister or decide to take pity on her for a bit and hang out, you can still have a good time. You can use dress up games to entertain yourself and make her feel extra special

Chances are, your little sis loves the clothing in your closet and wants to be just like you. So let her dig around and find her favorite items. It won’t hurt anything to let her pick out her favorite items. Help her get dressed in the clothing and then find killer accessories to go along with the basics.

Finish by doing a bit of makeup and straightening her hair. Finally take a few pictures. Trust me, you might not think much of the pictures now, but she’ll treasure them and you might find you’re glad you have one down the road, too.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Valentines and Dress Up Games

A truly wonderful opportunity to play dress up games is Valentines day. What other day of the year do you get a chance to dress up in a romantic way, sit in a candlelit dinner and enjoy the company of someone you love. Or maybe that’s not in store for you this Valentine’s day, but you can still dress up for the event.

How you choose to dress on Valentine’s day is up to you, but here are a few of my favorites:

The Human Heart – Wear a collection of pink and red to make yourself look as much like a silly valentine as possible. You might even iron a message on a pink shirt and use some edging and lace to make it extra special.

Anti-Love – If you’re alone and slightly bitter about it on Valentine’s Day, why not dress in black? You can stage a protest of the merriment by being glum and depressing to those around you. This is more fun if you have friends willing to do it, too.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Three Ways to Love Dress Up Games

Love dress up games? Don’t feel like the only way you can play is online! You have plenty of other options available.

Pull out your old fashion dolls. Barbie and the Bratz need time to play, too. Dig in your closet to find your Barbie dolls and their clothing. You’ll be surprised at how much fun it is to dig through and start dressing up Barbie again.

Make paperdolls from a paperdoll book or from a magazine. Cut them out and use the folded tabs to keep the clothing in place while you play with them in as many different scenarios as possible. You can even make your own by drawing or tracing a base doll and then creating her own clothing using your imagination.

Dress up yourself. Head to the mall or just your closet and have fun putting various outfits together. Take pictures and try on things you normally wouldn’t wear just to see how it feels in a new style. You never know – you might find something you really like!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Playing it Safe with Dress Up Games

There are plenty of dress up games online. In fact, there are probably more than enough when you start to weed through the many choices. When you’re looking for a dress up game online to keep you amused for a few minutes, you might have hundreds, thousands or even millions to choose from, but how many of those are quality games?

When you start to click on a dress up game, always be sure the site you are selecting is not blacklisted by prominent companies such as McAfee. If you have anti-virus software, a colored rating might pop up next to the results when you search on Google.

Never download anything to your computer from a dress up game. There are too many honest and fun dress up games hosted directly from the internet to fool with something that may or may not be a virus.

Keep your chat under control as well. You might have a strong desire to tell everyone your personal details while working, but avoid this as much as possible as you never know who your “friends” are online.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tips for Dressing Room Dress Up Games

If you’re a fan of bringing stacks of clothing into the dressing room to try on and admire, you might not be having the best time of your life if you’re not playing dress up games in the dressing room correctly.

1. Do your hair and makeup. How can you know how you’ll really look if you’re not looking your best? Do your hair and make up before shopping so you know how you’ll really look.

2. Wear thin underwear. I’s hard to tell how something is sitting on your rear end if your bulky cotton underpants are bunching under the fabric. Wear your slinky panties to help clothing lie smoothly.

3. Bring a friend. You’ll want to bring a friend along to offer you real opinions about how things look. Consider her your fashion guide throughout the experience.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Prom Dress Up Games

It seems early, but as far as planning for prom, it’s time to start now. It’s virtually given that you will find a date to the big dance, so it’s more important to find your dress and accessories. To do that, you’ll need to start by picking your look.

Online Dress Up Games
Online dress up games are a great way to find the look you’d like to have at prom. It might be that you want the classic dress with pearls and sparkles or you might want a dress that is reminiscent of days gone by. A flapper dress from the twenties would be a great example of something that is totally appropriate, yet totally unique.

Try Them On
Rather than trying on hundreds of different dresses to find just the right one, head online and try on virtual formal gowns using dress up games. There is no limit to the number of styles the games have and you can put together hair and makeup in some games as well. By the end of an afternoon online, you’ll have everything picked out and you’ll just have to go about finding it in the stores.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wedding Dress Up Games

Every girl likes to plan for her wedding and what better way to pretend than by playing wedding dress up games? In wedding dress up games, you have the chance to pick your own wedding dress and veil and in some cases you can even pick your bouquet of flowers to hold.

Of course, these kinds of wedding dress up games are online, but there are some who go even farther and head to bridal boutiques to play the real-life version of bridal dress up games. Girls that like to play these games head to the bridal stores and try on dresses just to see how they look.

Often girls who play wedding dress up games are in a serious relationships and are planning ahead to when they get to actually dress up for their wedding. Others just wish they were in love and in the meantime are going to have a good time trying on dresses and flouncing about in front of the mirrors. Some even take pictures so they can remember the dress later.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Snow Suit Dress Up Games

My favorite scene in any Christmas movie is Randy, the little brother in a Christmas Story, getting ready to walk to school. The warm winter clothes went on him followed by an extra sweater. Then the one-peice snow suit was pulled over it all and firmly zipped. A thick wooly hat went on his head and a scarf was wound about his face. At the end of it, Randy couldn’t raise or lower his arms as they were stuck in the thick suit and he could only waddle in his snow boots.

I think snow makes the perfect backdrop for dress up games. Where else do you get a chance to pull on so many layers? Start with long-underwear over your regular underwear. Then add a warm layer of shirts and pants before pulling on another sweater or sweatshirt. You might then slide into your own snow pants or at the very least pull on some snow boots.

If you wear jeans to play in the snow, your pants will get wet which might take some of the fun out of the day, so consider wearing a snow suit or snowboarding pants as part of your dress up game. Add a bulky snow jacket on top of everything and you’re almost there. Now you just need boot if you haven’t put them on already, gloves, scarves, hats and – if you’re like me – hand warmers tucked away for extra warmth. Online or in real snow, dress up games have great appeal.