Monday, June 25, 2012

Dress Up Games and Looking Trim

If you’re enjoying dress up games, you probably already know some of the tricks to the trade. You know how to prepare your undergarments and posture so that you look trim and fit in every outfit you put on, but just in case you’ve forgotten, let’s go over some of the basics here.

Smooth Out Bulges
There are so many excellent undergarments that are designed to smooth away ripples, bumps and lumps today. The foundation garments are actually comfortable enough to be worn every day under your clothing and they smooth your body down so that clothing fits comfortable and smoothly – no muffin tops here!

Stand Up Straight
Perhaps the easiest way to trim a few inches is to stand up straight. We have a tendency to slouch, so stand up straight and proud and break the slouching habit. When you stand up straight, you should imagine a string running down your spine. If an imaginary puppet master in the sky held you up by your string, how would you stand? That posture is exactly what you need to lose five pounds immediately.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Dress Up Games and Spray Tans

One of the things that we often don’t notice on models is their natural glow. How is it that the models who are always playing dress up games get to be suntanned, but the rest of us are told to stay out of the sun and protect our skin? The answer is actually a bit simpler than you might think. The beautifully tan that the models are sporting isn’t real – it’s certainly a healthy glow, but it comes directly out of a spray can.

Fortunately, the spray tan that the models in the dress up games are sporting is available to everyone. You can get your own spray tan by running down to the drug store and picking up an aerosol can of tanning spray. Or, if you have the budget for it, start your own dress up games by heading to a spray tanning salon where you can enjoy a professional spray tan.

When you do spray tan, be sure that you’ve showered recently and exfoliated your skin briskly. The tan will last much longer on clean, healthy skin. Once the spray tan is in place, protect it by avoiding water for twelve hours or so and then applying lotion as often as possible to keep your skin healthy and glowing.