Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dress Up Game Communities

When you play dress up games, there is much more to the game than simply pulling clothing items together for a doll. Many dress up games are part of a huge network of games and activities. These are dress up game communities.

Within the communities, you can find any number of activities, games, social aspects and more. Your favorite dress up game community might include:

Dress Up Games – This is the obvious one, but the larger communities has plenty of games that fit into dozens or even hundreds of categories.

Dolls – The product of the dress up game is the dolls created. Some sites have dolls created by professional graphic artists you can use as avatars or just for fun.

Coloring – Coloring is very similar to doll making, so don’t be surprised to see the two offered in the same area.

Forums – Want to talk about your dress up game adventures and passions? The forums on these communities are a great place to do so. You can talk about plenty of other things, too.

Profiles – Much like MySpace, larger communities offer you the chance to create a profile and chat within it with other doll lovers. Of course you’ll use a doll creation as your avatar.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dress Up Games: Cleaning Out Your Closet

The best way to begin any dress up game is with what amounts to a clean slate. This means that you can’t really enjoy your clothing unless you can see it. So it’s probably time to clean out that cluttered closet!

When you go to clean out a closet, you should follow a set of rules that will help you purge the old stuff you don’t wear or need any more and make room for new items that will help to expand your wardrobe in the future. Besides, you can’t buy new things until you have room to store them!

When you go to clean out your closet, you should:

  • Make a pile of clothing that is stained, torn, or beyond use. This is a pile to be thrown away since clothing that is covered with paint or grass stains isn’t much use to anyone else.
  • Make a pile of clothing that is still perfectly good, but you’ve outgrown. If your pants are too short and the shirt is too tight, throw it in the pile to give away to charity or sell at a garage sale.
  • Make a pile of clothing you just don’t like anymore. If you don’t wear it, and haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it. Someone else will probably love it at a consignment shop or garage sale.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why Moms and Dads Love Dress Up Games

It’s a total drag at times, but loving a game your parents love too isn’t’ always a bad thing. In most cases it might mean you have boring taste if you happen to love the same thing as your parents, but in the case of dress up games, the similar passion is on a totally different scale.

You love dress up games because they are fun to play and can entertain you for hours. You parents love them for a totally different reason.

Dress up games keep you safe. When you’re playing dress up games, you’re not hanging our on social websites getting attacked by predators. Most dress up games are on safe sites that don’t require too much information from you or have any risk.

Dress up games are clean. Unlike some of the other girls online, the girls used in dress up games always show up wearing their underpants. The bases might be scantily clad, but they are clad – this is an improvement over many major stars these days.

Dress up games are fun. Hey, it’s okay – your parents actually like to watch you have fun, you know.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gymnast Dress Up Games

The Olympics are almost over, but the games can go on forever if you play gymnast dress up games. Of course there aren’t many online dress up games designed with the Olympic athletes, but that’s an easy hurdle to overcome. You only need pictures of the girls (or boys, if you prefer) and a basic ability to draw.

Print out a picture of your favorite gymnast, or cut out one from a magazine. Then use a sheet of white typing paper or real tracing paper on top of the cut out. You can trace outfits on the white paper that you can cut out for your gymnast to wear. Since so many pictures of the gymnasts are in leotards, it makes it easy to design new clothing options that can be worn right on top of the original one.

When you start creating outfits, you’ll want to show all the warm-ups and leotards the girls wore during the competition. You’ll also want to pull together some clothes for when the girls sit through other competitions that their friends and colleagues are competing in. Finally, the night-life in the Olympic village is lively and fun, so you’ll want to draw your gymnast some evening looks that she can wear when she’s out celebrating that silver medal.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Three Ways to Create Your Own Dress Up Games

What can you do when the internet is down or your brother won’t relinquish his seat for you to play your favorite online dress up games? If you can’t get to your games online, you’ll simply have to create your own dress up games. You have a few options on how to do this:

1. Cut out models from magazines and use the cut-outs as paper dolls. You can play with them as it, or you can use each one as a model for more clothing you create yourself. If you flip through a catalog for a certain store looking for models, you’ll find the same ones appear over and over again. Cut out the same girl in various outfits to use in your dress up game.

2. Ask your mother if she has any original paper dolls from before things like this moved online. If she does, you might get hooked on how interesting the old fashioned paper dolls can be.

3. If you’re an artist, spend the morning drawing a doll base in black ink on white paper. Cut her out and then use white paper and a pencil to sketch new outfits for her by tracing her shape underneath. You might just find terrific satisfaction is designing the whole game yourself – not just playing someone else’s version of it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dress Up Rock Stars

You’ve dress up models and you’ve dressed up dolls. You’ve probably had a chance to dress up celebrities, but have you ever dressed up rock stars? Those with any knowledge of the fashion world know that celebrities might have a bit to do with style and setting fashion trends, but the real fashion motivators are rock stars and other song artists.

Don’t believe me? Think about Madonna back in the eighties and nineties. Nobody dressed like a school girl after Brittany arrived on the scene, right? And how about Gwen Stefani? Enough said.
When you’re ready to take on a serious fashion experience in your dress up games, skip over the basics and head straight to the most serious versions of the games yet – the rock star dress up games. You’ll be able to help your favorite singers get their look together, or create new outfits for the bands in your music world.

Pretty soon you might even find yourself starting to look a little less Fashion Model and a lot more Rock Star in your own wardrobe.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Little Sister Dress Up

There is nobody more perfect to play dress up games with than your little sister. She’s most likely dying for your attention and she makes the perfect model for trying out your fashion and makeup skills.

Start by taking your sister online and show her all of the dress up games on the internet and then explain that you want to play dress up games just like that, but at home. Let her go through your closet and pick out things she likes. She might pick out your favorite shirt or you formal gown, and that’s okay. There is no harm in letting her play with them- after all, you’re supervising.

Once you have a few pieces to start with, work through the closet to find some more items to supplement the ones she’s chosen. Think of it as a fashion lesson with you as the teacher. Get her dressed and then head over to the make up chair.

Even if she’s not allowed to wear make up most of the time, this isn’t a normal occasion. Do her face in a not-so-subtle way and make her glamorous. You can eve do her hair as well to really doll her up. Then, when your creation is complete, let her admire herself and be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dress Up Game: Create the Runway

The most powerful part of a dress up game is the runway. Afterall, what is better than dressing up? Showing it off! To play the perfect dress up game at home, you need to find some outfits to try on and something to strut your stuff on. It might also be fun to have a camera or video camera to record the fun.

The best runways are creative and fun. If you’re new at this, you might just run to the store and look for masking tape in a really run color like pink or purple. Head home and then pick the location for the runway. Use the tape to mark off the section of the floor where you’ll be walking.

Make the runway as long or short as you want, although you might be limited by the amount of space in your room or living room. If you want to get more elaborate, you can pull a fan out of your bedroom and set it on the floor to help blow air on you while you walk. This will create that fabulous breezy effect that runways have. A few lamps and maybe a curtain can complete the stage and runway.

Of course your final step would be to turn on your favorite tunes and then get started prancing down the runway in time to you favorite music modeling your most stylish creations.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Three Reasons Why Dress Up Games Are Fashion Essentials

If you like fashion and you like to play online, you already know how terrific dress up games are for the fashion minded. If you don’t have much experience with dress up games, however, it’s still easy to see why they are absolute fashion essentials.

Dress up games use the latest styles. Look for the most trendy and fashionable items when you go to dress up your doll creations. Some dress up games even use the gowns from red carpet events to let you dress up celebrity dolls.

Dress up games let you practice your style. Sometimes you just want to play around with your look without spending hours in a fitting room or trying to find the money to buy things only to realize they don’t look right. Playing around with fashion online can help eliminate these problems.

Dress up games can teach you to accessorize. The hardest skill many have to learn is how to use accessories correctly. Anyone can pick out two clothing items to wear, but adding the right four accessories to that outfit is much trickier. Playing dress up online can certainly give you the practice you need.