Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dress Up Games and Online Fun

Online dress up games are simple, but they are amazingly fun. The dress up games you’ll find online are straight forward – you get a doll base and then you dress her in the clothing available until you make a fabulous outfit an show her off as a finished product. The dress up games give girls a chance to try out their fashion skills in a safe environment before taking them to the real world of fashion in the hallways or offices. The online fun of the dress up games is that the games have endless possibilities and plenty of creative genius involved.

With the dress up games, you start with a doll base that looks a lot like a barely dressed fashion doll. The doll is then dressed by taking clothing from the selection available and putting them on top of the doll. You can build complete wardrobes and outfits by pulling in the different items available. When it’s all said and done, your fashion doll will be complete and she’ll be lovely.  

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dress Up Games and Creativity

Creativity seems to be a lost art today, especially among the younger children who are growing up without ever having a chance to play games of their own accord. Too many games online and on games systems make children play a particular role and they guide them through certain roles to find the single solution that works. It is far better to ditch those games, however, in favor of dress up games that teach creativity. Dress up games give you a chance to learn how to do things your own way without there being a right or wrong. Too often we are trapped in a pathway that leads to right or wrong. Nothing kills creativity more than by not offering a chance to discover.

Dress up games include creativity naturally. All of the decisions that go into creating a doll are individual. The girls playing get to make up every detail of the games without being judged on their solution. This is much more like the real world of problem solving than the sorts of things we like to give children today. Giving little ones a chance to figure out what is best is the kind of training they need to embrace their creativity in the real world, and its exactly what we’re going to need to move forward into a new generation.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dress Up Games for Fall

I love fall and I love the number of opportunities I have to dress up now that the weather has cooled off enough that I don’t feel like melting when I step outside. The fall weather brings on a rash of dress up games for me as I pick new styles for the football games and special events that surround this time of year. Homecoming and fall breaks from school are all reasons to celebrate, and I do celebrate in glorious fashion with bold colors and comfortable designs.

I feel strongly that clothing should be comfortable as well as stylish, and to achieve this look, I spend a lot of time at the mall trying on the sorts of things I like. When I find something I like, I use it to build a complete outfit. By the time I leave I’ll have a full outfit or two that I can easily mix and match or just enjoy immediately at school. The dress up games themselves are fun, but what makes them truly special are the sheer number of fall fashions out there right now.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dress Up Games Online

Bored this weekend? Why not head online for some dress up games? The online dress up games are a great way to do a bit of stress relief while also planning out your next wardrobe. The online dress up games are a collection of clothing and doll bases that give the choice of what fashions to create. In the games, you’ll start with a doll base who looks very much like a Barbie doll just waiting for some clothing.

You’ll have a huge collection of clothing to pick from as you design a look that works for your personal dress up game. Design something that you would actually wear or go a bit wild and create something a bit different and edgy. Whatever you pick, you can add extra detail and design by choosing some accessories and shoes as well. Finish off with a fun background or accent and then email your doll to a friend or print her off to enjoy later in a scrapbook.