Monday, May 28, 2012

Dress Up Games and High Heels

If you're going to wear high heels, you should absolutely spend plenty of time practicing in them first. Dress up games with high heels are often hilarious to watch if you're watching someone who is trying to wear shoes they aren't comfortable in. The higher a heel and the narrower the heel, the more balance you'll need to have in order to simply walk across a room. That's not to mention that your dress up games can be foiled by the type of flooring as well.

When you're going to try wearing some super high heels, take them outside first and scuff up the soles on concrete. This will help the shoes not be slippery as you walk. Then, put on your shoes and just start walking. Break in the shoes by wearing them around the house as you go about your day. If you have to balance yourself while you walk, you're not ready to wear them out yet. Walk, walk and walk some more until you're comfortable taking normal steps without shuffling or feeling like you're teetering over at any moment. Practice is the key to using high heels in dress up games after all.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dress Up Games and Vacations

There’s something about vacation plans that bring out the shopper in all of us. How is it that we can find so many fun things to do on a vacation that we just can’t do at home? Suddenly eating dinner is a cause for finery and dress up! Going for a walk requires an entirely new pair of shoes! Fortunately dress up games are not only fun on vacations, but perfectly reasonable as well –after all, this is a great opportunity to really enjoy yourself and new fashion is the perfect way to get started.

Before you head out on your big vacation, make some stops by your favorite stores for some serious dress up games. Think ahead about what you’ll be doing on your vacation so that you’re sure to get the right clothing for the job. Your dress up games should include outfits you can wear on your vacation as well as clothing you can enjoy on other days without too much fuss or muss. When you’re looking for new vacation clothing, be sure to get some new shoes and accessories as well.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dress Up Games and Super Heroes

Who doesn’t want to be a super hero? Dress up games are a great way to introduce the idea of the true superhero – the person who knows no enemies and is able to save others from bad choices. Perhaps if you were to teach your little sister or brother what playing dress up games is all about, you’d be able to play along with them, even if super heroes isn’t exactly what others your age are playing right now.

Super heroes are a thing of the past for most of us now. We don’t put a towel around our shoulders and run around the room making up stories about saving other people or avoiding the lava on the ground. But maybe we should. Find someone younger than you who needs to understand what the dress up games are really all about. Help them tie on that cape and strap on the shoes that are made to run faster than anything alive today. Then, power up the imagination to put those dress up games to truly good use.