Saturday, August 29, 2009

Understanding Dress Up Games

Dress up games are simple, but they can still benefit from a bit of discussion. The dress up games we enjoy come in two packages. One is the online version of the dress up games. To play online dress up games, you visit a doll website and select a particular designer. You might play with mermaids or celebrities. Pick out the game you like and then start adding elements to the base. Dress her up, put on a fun hairstyle and accessories. Add a background and you’ve created the basis for a new story and let your imagination have a field day.

The other version of dress up games are the ones you play in the closet or dressing room. Playing dress up games in your own closet lets you see what clothing items you have and what fits well. The stores and their dressing rooms are another fun way to play dress up games. Try on new styles and new outfits. Pull together items you’d never have thought to wear and try on the outfits mannequins are wearing just to see how they look on you. Not only will you have a great time, you’ll also be filling your closet with even more fun clothing styles.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Playing Dress Up Games

I love to play dress up games. I will play online dress up games all night given the choice, but it is making those dress up games personal that makes them so much more fun. Dress up games can be played using your own clothing and your own frame rather than a doll online. Start by playing dress up games in your own closet. Pull out everything in your closet and try each piece on before you put it back. If it doesn’t fit anymore, get rid of it. There is no sense wasting space or energy on clothing that is ugly and doesn’t fit.

Then, take yourself to your favorite store and start trying on new clothes. Fill the gaps in your wardrobe by buying some new basics, but don’t spend all of your time picking out basic items to wear. Instead, opt for buying new outfits. Try on complete outfits each time you pull something together to see how it fits and what it looks like together. Buy complete outfits rather than isolated pieces and you’ll soon have a complete look for every occasion and a fun, full closet.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dress Up Games and Children

Children love dress up games with good reason. Playing dress up games allows children to escape into a fantasy world for a time and lets them create. Both of these are huge advantages and some of the best parts about childhood.

Dress Up Games Allow Creation
Dress up games allow children to create designs and styles. Playing dress up games gives children the opportunity to take seemingly random items of clothing and to put them together into a collection of styles. Pull together an outfit from the dress up box or play with the hundreds of fashion choices online to put together something that can only be termed a brand new style. Playing dress up games encourages creation of new ideas, new styles and the stories and backgrounds behind the items. Dress up games are simply a foundation for true creativity.

Dress Up Games Encourage Fantasy Play
Children live in the real world quite enough thanks to standardized tests and insane schedules. Being able to escape into a world of fantasy and fun is a huge developmental achievement. This level of fantasy play is highly creative, a skill that is increasingly lost in children. Playing dress up games gives a child the opportunity to delve ito whatever scenarios and conditions she creates in her mind while she dresses up a doll or herself. This creativity translates to stories, poetry and artistic abilities down th e road.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Everything is Right with Dress Up Games

If you’re worried about playing the wrong games online or getting into the wrong sorts of activities, dress up games leave you no room for fear. Playing dress up games is actually a rather wholesome activity.

Dress Up Games are Sold a Toys
Your first clue should come from the sheer number of dress up clothes available to little girls and boys in the store. Playing dress up games as a preschooler is a great thing. It build imagination and creativity. The same thing is true well beyond the toddler and preschool years. Dress up games are all about creativity and fun, even if you’re eighty years old.

Dress Up Games Build Brain Power
It wouldn’t seem likely at first, but dress up games can build up portions of the brain and encourage learning. Playing games that require problem solving, creative thought and ingenuity are all excellent activities for boosting the brain’s processes and connections Creativity especially is a huge component of thought and future academic success. Being able to create something, a style or look, essentially from nothing is hugely advantageous.

Dress Up Games Encourage Collaboration
To use a grown-up word, dress up games encourage collaboration. Working together on an outfit or a big dress up game scenario works nicely in regards to team work. Leaning to play well together goes well beyond the early school years. Playing nicely and coming up with a joint solution is actually a skill required in today’s top businesses.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Dress Up Games We Play

All of us love to play dress up games or at least watch others enjoy the games. Of course, gender differences can make the games go a bit differently according to who is actually playing and how the game is set up.

Male dress up games are simple enough. Men might like to try on clothing to see how it looks, but the best dress up games for men involve just a few clothing, really. Men seem to love to paint themselves for sporting events. There is something tribal about painting half of your face and torso blue and the other half white. To the inexperienced painter, however, one does wonder how you get that grease paint to come off again.

Female dress up games are lighter and can be played with a more clearly defined purpose. Men dress up to show support and women dress up as part of their wardrobe and clothing collection. The dream of many, although certainly not all, women is to gather many different items into a dressing room and play with various combinations and styles. The fantasy is usually combined with an unlimited budget as well to buy the items that appeal to you.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dress Up Games for Everyone

Dress up games are truly for everyone. There is nobody exempt from the appeal of watching a transformation through clothing, although there are many people who have a had time dealing with the actual trying on of clothing. Even if you don’t like trying on clothing, catching the tail end of a dress up show where you’re able to see the before and after are always a bit moving. Personally, I always hope the newly dressed individual will be able to keep up the new look.

Men, women and children alike enjoy playing dress up games. Men might suffer through a tux fitting for a formal event, but almost everyone of them enjoys the polished look when the outfit is complete. Women take armfuls of clothing into the fitting room to see how everything looks.

Children have the best scenario of all, however. The have clothes that are designed especially for dressing up. Little girls can become princesses and mermaids simply by pulling on their beautiful dresses. Boys can become firefighters and cowboys complete with hats and fake hoses thanks to kits of costumes. But still, the best dress up clothing of all are the hand-me-downs from Mom and Dad which are the foundation of any dress up clothes box.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dress Up Games and College

Dress up game is a great way to consider your look for college. Playing dress up games can help you in several ways as you prepare to leap into the college scene.

Dress up games can help you pack. Get into your closet and start digging through your wardrobe. Only pack the things you think you might wear. There’s really no sense in taking a bunch of clothing that is out of season or is formal. If you need something later, a quick weekend trip home ought to take care of it. Space is tight in dorm rooms – don’t waste it on things you don’t need or really want.

Dress up games can calm your nerves. Playing with your clothes can give you a nice sense of perspective about what you have and how it looks as you prepare to head off to school. This can be very calming in an otherwise intense process.

Dress up games can give you new fashion ideas. If you’re heading to a school far away, you might need some ideas about how to dress in your new environment. Playing dress up games can give you a nice idea of what it’s like to dress in the tropics or in the frozen north.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3 Reasons to Love Dress Up Games

I love dress up games, and most girls I know feel the same way. It’s very easy to love dress up games once you start to play them.

Dress up games are simple. I love something simple yet fun at the end of a long day, and dress up games definitely fit the bill. Simply choose a model and then start to arrange her fashion items so that she looks terrific.

Dress up games break the mold. I hate things that tell me what to do or what step to take next. Dress up games definitely don’t do that. You have to be in charge of your own destiny when you play dress up games. You pick the doll, the outfit, the accessories, the total look.

Dress up games are family friendly. For those of us with computers in the center of the house, it’s easy to get stuck playing silly games so that the world doesn’t see your profiles. Dress up games are a nice way to kill while you wait for others to leave the room.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sue Dress Up Games Should Flatter Your Figure

When you play dress up games and begin finding all kinds of new clothing to wear for the year or season, make sure that the clothing you buy is flattering to your figure. Clothing that is too tight or too loose is not flattering. In either case they can actually make you look a bit heavier than you truly are. If you find, as you play sue dress up games at the store, that you’re between two sizes, but the larger size. Then take the item to the tailors and have it tailored down to fit correctly.

Learning what styles of clothing look best on your body is important to, and this is an area where dress up games can really come to help. Try on different styles, especially ones you’ve never tried before. When you find a style that seems to really fit you nicely make note of what it is that is so flattering. Is it the higher waist line? The buttons? The large back pockets? Making your clothing flattering should be a mixture of art and science.

Be careful with the latest trends in fashion. Often these trends look great on models, but not on the rest of us. Models are walking clothes hangers, but the rest of us usually are not. Skinny jeans and the rest generally look best on figures that more closely resemble coat hangers, so plan accordingly.