Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Playing Dress Up Games for 2009

In 2009, I firmly believe that every girl should make dress up games one of her New Years Resolutions. I’m not picky enough to state whether the games are online or off, but there isn’t a single girl who wouldn’t benefit from a few rounds of dress up games once a week.

Dress Up Games Keep Things Light
When you dig in your closet or help dress up a model on the computer screen, you can’t be taking life too seriously. You should be enjoying yourself and this is a good way to do it, so dress up yourself or a doll and lighten up!

Dress Up Games Keep Fashion Fun
Fashion should be fun, but sometimes it seems more like a lot of work as you try to look good. Keep it simple and fun by practicing the kinds of outfits you like online or with the clothes already hanging in your closet.

Dress Up Games Teach New Tricks
When you play dress up games, you stand to learn something new every time. You might learn how to pair up certain items or you might learn about a new combination that is hot in fashion magazines ands stores. Always look for the lessons you and your wardrobe can benefit from.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Best Things About Dress Up Games

The best thing about holiday dress up games? Simple:

You get to stay inside while dressing up for outside. Dress up you character online with heavy winter clothes including boots, parkas, hats, muffs and all the other bulky clothing the winter weather requires without taking off your pajama pants or bunny slippers.

You can indulge you fashion sense without mall hassles. Every retail shop is beyond crowded, so if you’re into fashion you either have to deal with the crowds or you can play with fashion online. I think after one afternoon in the crowds, it’s easy to see why some online fashion would be preferable.

You can try new things without restrictions. If your grandmother is coming to Christmas dinner, you might have some restrictions on your wardrobe for that event at least. Don’t let it phase you – you can still make up plenty of crazy outfits online. Mix and match some of your favorite holiday looks together to see what works and hopefully to discover which don’t work before you try them out in real life.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Dress Up Games

I love the holidays and I especially love holiday dress up games.

Formal Dress Up Games
Easily my favorite, formal dress up games involve the kinds of gowns you get to wear to formal evenings at the theater and dances. I love the long gowns and sweeping trains. Paired up with gloves and a tiara, you simply can’t go wrong.

Costume Dress Up Games
You can’t beat Halloween for costumes, but Christmas comes close. You have the chance to dress up like an elf for the day if you want or maybe even pull on the full regalia of Santa or Mrs. Claus. Just once, I’d love to see someone show up at school dressed up like a reindeer.

Pajama Dress Up Games
Finally, I love Christmas morning when we all get to dress up in our pajamas and open gifts. Every girl should have at least one cute pair of pajamas, and this is the day to wear them. Since you will be in pictures, you should also take a moment to brush your hair and pull it into pigtails just to look that much cuter.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dress Up Games – Need a Hat?

I swear my favorite accessory is the hat. Unfortunately, I don’t always get a chance to use my favorite accessory in dress up games simply because it’s not a great fit for most outfits. But when I can, I always include a fun hat to really jazz things up a bit.

The Cowboy Hat
A cowboy hat shouldn’t just be reserved for those who know how to ride horses. It’s a great beach hat and is nice with shorts and a swimsuit to keep the sun off your face and neck – guess those cowboys knew what they were doing.

The Stocking Cap
Knitted or of the fleece variety, the stocking cap is a warm way to keep your ears and head roasty-toasty this winter. There are an infinite number of cute styles to choose from with winter hats, but my favorites are ones with pom-poms and ear flaps, but that’s just me.

The Baseball Cap
We can’t all look good in every hat, but baseball caps sure do make girls look cute. Thread that ponytail through the back and you’re in business!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dress Up Games – Winter Wardrobe

The best time for dress up games in the winter. During the summer you get to show more skin, but how different is one swimsuit from the next, really? In the winter you have so many more options – you can do a long skirt, a short skirt with tights, a pair of cords, a pair of jeans, overalls, and the list goes on.

When you start to dress someone in the winter, you get to really utilize layers. This helps to keep someone comfortable temperature-wise when they can add or remove a layer, and it helps to bring an outfit together.

Begin with a shell or long-sleeve t-shirt. Put a button down oxford shirt over the tee and then pull a sweater over the top of the oxford shirt. To dress up the look you can tuck the shirt into a pair of dress pants, or you can leave the tails out over a pair of cords or jeans. Either way looks great, especially paired with a nice pair of boots. Throw on a scarf and a winter hat and you’re ready for business – winter style.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Trying On Dress Up Games

I have friends who have never played dress up games online. In fact, I’m not convinced they’ve played them in real life either. I have decided to make it my personal mission to help these lost souls discover exactly how much fun dress up games can be. To do this, I shall take a three fold approach:

I shall make them dress up in costumes. I think wearing a costume is incredibly freeing. To make it easier, we’ll dress up in costumes at a special costume party-sleepover thing I’ll throw just for the occasion.

They shall sit down and dress up dolls. My giant collection of Barbie dolls should come in very handy while they learn critical skills about getting dolls dressed up in tiny clothing and even tinier shoes.

We shall play online dress up games together. I’ll bookmark a few of my favorite sites and invite them over for the afternoon. Then we can sit back, design outfits and compare the final results.

If this doesn’t get them into dress up games, I’m not sure what will. These are the very best weapons in my girly arsenal!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Paper Dolls – The Original Dress Up Game

I have a treasure in my house. No, it’s not gold or silver – it’s authentic paper dolls. You probably know all about dress up games online, but have you ever been able to sit down with the dolls that are actually made from paper with little paper outfits you can change? It’s possible you have, especially if you have older sisters or a mother who kept her paper dolls, but the real paper dolls are a lost art and are getting scarce.

In my collection, I have over thirty different books of dolls and their outfits. Many of the books are still intact meaning I never went through to cut out the dolls and their clothing. Instead, I somehow suspected that the dolls would be more than a toy someday and left them in mint condition.

Am I planning to sell the collection? Certainly not! I don’t collect many things, but this is a collection I’m rather proud of. I’ve learned a lot about fashion and the style of the day from the books and cut-outs and I like to think that others can learn just as much by looking through my collection someday.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Three Easy Ways to Dress Up For Christmas

Christmas morning might be casual, but the rest of the holiday season seems to be filled with opportunities to dress up. You need comfortable yet attractive looks for church services, concerts, family dinners and the obligatory visits from relatives. Looking your best is always fun, but dress up games can give you help when you need it the most.

Grab Some Black Pants
Black pants are the easiest way to dress up for the holidays. Black pants pair up with anything, and if you choose a pair that can be washed in the washing machine, you can wear them and wash them over and over again. Black pants are such a staple, they simply fade into the background and nobody will notice if you wear them constantly.

Pick Out Easy Tops
With your black pants on bottom, you’ll need some bright tops. Pick festive items, but be sure they are easy to wash and wear. Go with trendy tops that suit your casual black pants. With so many chances to dress up, you can switch out the tops at will and always look great.

Invest in Black Boots
Those awesome black pants will need some black boots. If you can stomach it, go with the pointy-toe boots as they are the most fashionable and dressed up of your footwear choices.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dress Up Games at Christmas

Christmas is the best time for dress up games – especially if you have a sister or a close friend who likes to play along.

Matching Christmas Pajamas
Christmas morning is a time of fun and excitement. No other morning brings with it so much fun and frivolity while dress in your pajamas. You’ll also be the subject of many pictures, so be sure to look your best. Pull your hair back into a messy bun and don your oversized Christmas pajamas. The kind with a button down top and drawstring bottom are always the cutest in my book. If possible, get a pair for you and for your family members. The more people in matching Christmas ‘jammies, the more fun the morning is!

The Christmas Dress
Remember when you were young and you couldn’t wait to get dressed up for Christmas dinner? You had a special Christmas dress that likely came with tights and shiny new shoes, and this was your special moment. Don’t let that excitement pass you by now. Go out and find a great new Christmas dress to wear and if you want some, grab tights, too. You might not be in red velvet with ruffles and bows, but then again….you might be.