Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dress Up Games and Summer Fashion

This is the time of year that I really start to enjoy dress up games. It’s getting warm outside and that means that the best fashions of the year are really starting to show up and I think it’s terrific to be able to dress up, look great and feel wonderful about my personal style as well. When you stop to consider the summer fashion looks, you’ll notice that there are many different preferences for clothing styles – I’m too old now for short shorts and mini dresses, but that’s okay. They aren’t as comfortable as some of the more conservative styles anyhow.

The best dress up games are those that blend some current fashion and style with a look that is also comfortable and pulled together. Pick up a pair of shorts, for example, and pair them with a cute shirt and sandals and you have a dress up game look that is worthy of summer. Pair the shorts with a sloppy t-shirt and flip flops and you look like you’re back in high school. The trick is to find the style that works for you, and the best way to do that is through dress up games!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Benefits of Dress Up Games

Dress up games are easy to play and a nice way to enjoy fashion as well. There are many different things that are excellent about dress up games including a few less than obvious elements as well.

Dress Up Games Are Good For Your Brain – When you play dress up games, you’re flexing your creative muscle which is something that we don’t do nearly enough, unfortunately. Playing with fashion and creating new designs and elements is an excellent way to enjoy some fashion as well.

Dress Up Games Teach You Fashion – If you enjoy fashion magazines, you’ll see that dress up games are an extension of fashion magazines and the like. When you play dress up games, you’ll be able to check out colors, designs and everything else that makes those magazines fun, but you won’t have to just look- you can play.