Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dress Up Games and Blogging

I saw an excellent blog the other day related to dress up games. Normally you think of information on blogs – perhaps a review or something interesting to note. This blog, however, dealt almost exclusively with the dress up games ladies play. It was a collection of outfits. The blogger running the site went online and found various outfits that were stylish, snazzy and timely.

She then drew from lots of different stores and blogs to find images and links to the items you’d need to make the outfit work out for a normal person. For example, one of the dress up games I saw was for a tailored suit. The blogger showed off a khaki suit that was easy to afford in a normal store. She then paired it up with a tailored shirt, shoes and accessories. All were readily available online and easy to buy making the outfit simple to snatch up and own.

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